Ebru Şahin gestures towards Akın Akınözü!

Ebru Şahin gestures towards Akın Akınözü!


The highly anticipated final episode of the Hercai series was aired on ATV screens on April 25. After the end of the 69-episode adventure, the shock gesture of Ebru Şahin was made by Akın Akınözü.

Ebru Şahin stopped following her partner Akın Akınözü on Instagram last week, and Akın Akınözü deleted his beautiful partner Ebru Şahin from Instagram after the last episode was broadcast. These successive swipes of well-known actors made us say " Friendship is over."

For a while, it was said that Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü were in disagreement. Akınözü and Şahin's fans expressed their regret that the two had fallen out.

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