Can Yaman committed to social work with the Food Bank: the announcement on Instagram (Photo)

Can Yaman committed to social work with the Food Bank: the announcement on Instagram (Photo)

Through his Instagram account, Can Yaman spoke about a new project he has decided to join. The Turkish actor explained that every "like" put to the photo in the post will give the opportunity to donate a package of pasta to the Food Bank.

The 32-year-old admitted that he is overjoyed to help the neediest people and hoped for a beautiful result.

The actor's words

Can Yaman is currently in Hungary to film the new series El Turco. For the past few years, the actor has been the testimonial together with Claudia Gerini of the De Cecco brand.

In these hours, a message of solidarity appeared on his own social account. In a shot Can was immortalized with several packages of pasta. In the caption, the 32-year-old announced his new solidarity project: "For every like you will donate a product for the Food Bank." The actor felt compelled to salute the sponsor brand and added, "It is an honor to participate in such an initiative that brings so much goodness."

Fan reaction

Of course, Can Yaman's fans immediately jumped at the chance to put a "like" on the Turkish actor's photo and also gave help to people in need on the occasion. Among the various comments, some complimented the actor's noble gesture.

One user reiterated the 32-year-old's inner and outer beauty. Finally, there are those who claimed not to follow Yaman's fiction but found his gesture beautiful at a time of global hardship.

The De Cecco company itself posted a comment on the actor's profile, "Thank you all for your cooperation."

Currently, Can Yaman's post has garnered over 200 thousand likes.

Can: between private life and professional achievements

Can Yaman has already shown in the past that he has a big heart: the Turkish actor decided to write a biography of himself, and the proceeds he decided to give to charity.

In various interviews, the actor has always stated that he is attached to his privacy and never forgets his origins.

That is why whenever he has the chance he tries to use his image in social work.

Filed the criticism of some viewers for the low ratings of Viola come il Mare, the actor has started filming El Turco: the new series will air on Disney+ and will be shot in Hungary. Sandokan is not scheduled to be filmed for the time being. As far as the 32-year-old's love life is concerned, nothing is known at the moment: there had been talked several times of a special understanding with fellow actor Francesca Chillemi, but in reality, there is only a beautiful working relationship between the two.

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