ADIM FARAH Episode 03 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

ADIM FARAH Episode 03 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle


Farah (Demet Özdemir) is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. 6 years ago, while fleeing from Iran to France, she had to stop in Istanbul because she found out that she was pregnant. She starts to live here illegally.

Moreover, her son Kerimşah' (Rastin Pakhanad) has a rare disease. Since his immune system is congenitally very weak, Karimshah is susceptible to diseases. Therefore, he has to live in a sterile environment.

Despite her medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. Farah's goal in life is for her son Karimshah to regain his health and have a life like normal children. She will save money as soon as possible, complete her son's treatment and go back to France.

However, Farah's world is turned upside down overnight. She witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place where she goes to clean and meets Tahir Lekesiz (Engin Akyürek). Farah cleans the crime scene without leaving any trace at the cost of her life.

However, since she was an eyewitness to the murder, the mafia wants her to be killed and Tahir is assigned this task. Tahir is an orphaned, lonely man who grew up with the mafia leader. When the dead man turns out to be a policeman, things become even more complicated for Farah. At the same time, she is being pressured by the policeman Mehmet (Fırat Tanış).

In this life-or-death dilemma, Tahir and Farah will also be tested by the emotions they can't help but feel.


Farah, whose child's life is at risk, has no idea that Tahir, whom she seeks help from, is actually assigned to eliminate her. As AGA says, will the look of the woman and the laughter of the child be able to penetrate the skin of Tahir who has shelved his conscience?

On the other hand, as Mehmet gets closer to Farah step by step, it will become more difficult for Farah to escape from Mehmet. Retired chief Orhan finds himself in the middle of events in a way he never expected; seeing Vera in his neighborhood means unpleasant memories for Perihan.

Gönül will meet Kaan, whom she knows as Emir, again and her blood will warm even more. The AGA's plans for Farah are worse than killing her and a very difficult test awaits Farah.

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