Aile Episode 03 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Aile Episode 03 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Synopsis of Aile Chapter 3 

After Devin's proposal, Aslan and Devin decide to get to know each other better. A crisis on the farm introduces Aslan to Devin's potential, while an unpleasant incident the next night introduces Devin to Aslan's dark side. The events cause Aslan and Devin to question their relationship, but neither of them can resist the other.

When Aslan learns that Ati has made a deal with Ibo for a documentary project, he takes action to disrupt their partnership, sparking a war.

 With Hülya's secret guidance, Devin welcomes an unexpected visitor to his clinic: Cihan. The reason for this visit leaves Devin on the brink of a big decision. Cihan needs a psychologist.

 Hülya, who is aware of the marriage proposal, prepares a marriage contract for Aslan and Devin to protect her family. While this contract pits her against Aslan; on the other hand, it will push Aslan to take his own precautions for this marriage. However, this precaution, which will destroy all the values Devin believes in, will put their relationship to a great test.

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