Aile Episode 04 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Aile Episode 04 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Synopsis of Aile Chapter 4

Aslan and Devin find themselves on the brink of separation as their relationship hits a major impasse.

When they finally confront their irresistible feelings, reconciliation becomes inevitable and the two take the first steps toward marriage.

However, Devin has a condition for the marriage contract. A single and big condition...

The news of the sudden marriage reverberates around the farm. Faced with her biggest fear, Hülya puts her strongest trump card into play to prevent this wedding: Cihan, who convinced Devin to go to therapy when she and Aslan were apart.

Undoubtedly, Cihan will be one of the most important guests at this wedding.

On the other hand, İbo tries to dominate the family by using the security breach at the farm as an excuse. Ati, who realizes that she was tricked by Aslan, confronts him. Now both Ibo and Ati are bombs for Aslan.

And finally... Drums and zurnas start to play at the Soykan farm! As Devin and Aslan unite their lives, an unexpected event at the wedding introduces Devin to the darkness of the Soykan family, of which she is now a part.

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