Aile Episode 06 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Aile Episode 06 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Synopsis of Aile Chapter 6

Aile Episode 06 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle
Aile Episode 6 (Photo)

When Devin and Aslan start living at the farm, Hülya takes action to show that she is in charge of the family. She introduces Devin to the Soykan rules. Devin, who thinks that these rules violate his freedom, confronts Hülya.
Aslan plans an evening alone with Devin. The night they spend together at Volta, Devin brings Aslan face to face with a truth he has never been able to face until today, which will change all the balances.
After the fire, Ibo enters a new struggle with Aslan and makes a big move. He will confront Aslan with his biggest fear, the letter Yusuf Soykan left to his son. But Aslan is not the only one shaken by the memories of his father. Cihan knocks on Devin's door with the same feelings. While Devin is good for Cihan in this regard; it will harm Aslan.
On the other hand, Ati, who continues to carry out her dark plan behind Aslan's back, gets close to Ceylan at the party she invited her to. The person Yağmur encounters at the same party will cause the dark books of the past to be opened for both Yağmur and the Soykans.
At a family dinner, a big fight between Devin and Hülya foreshadows the storm that is about to break, and Aslan witnesses this fight. Devin is confronted by an Aslan he has never met before. And now it is Devin's turn to face him.

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