Aile Season 1 Episode 01-13 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle

Aile Season 1 Episode 01-13 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle


Aile Episode 01

Directed by Ahmet Katıksız and with Hakan Bonomo's signature on the original script, the upcoming series 'Aile' is preparing to bring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya together in a passionate love story. In the series, which will deal with the most controversial aspects of the concept of family, Tatlıtuğ, and Sarıkaya are accompanied by Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Ushan Çakır, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Ecem Simge Yurdatapan and master actors Levent Ülgen, Emel Göksu and Nur Sürer.

The series, in which Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ will play Aslan and Serenay Sarıkaya will play Devin, will deal with the changing balances within the family, the developing events, and the most controversial aspects of the concept of 'family' when Aslan, who is the head of a wealthy family, Soykanlar, meets Devin, a wounded psychologist from the same place.

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Aile Episode 02

Devin's arrival at the table is enough for Hülya to see him as a threat. Hülya decides to use the tactic she knows best: Keeping her friends close and her enemies closer... As a first step, she invites Devin to an event of the association she founded. 

Aslan's focus is on getting his family out of illegal businesses. One of the most important steps of this operation is to become a partner in the company of young businessman Atilla Özyılmaz. After an accident, Aysel receives a helping hand from Cihan. 

Hülya is forced to sit at the same table with Cihan in order to end Aslan and Devin's relationship at the beginning of the road. Devin makes a decision after what happened at the event she attended with Hülya. But on her first night with Aslan, she succumbs to the attraction between them and faces Aslan's unexpected move.

 The ropes between the two come to a breaking point. However, what happens at a surprise dinner party pushes Devin to make a big decision about her life. This decision will be the most important breaking point in Aslan and Devin's journey.

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Aile Episode 03

After Devin's proposal, Aslan and Devin decide to get to know each other better. A crisis on the farm introduces Aslan to Devin's potential, while an unpleasant incident the next night introduces Devin to Aslan's dark side. The events cause Aslan and Devin to question their relationship, but neither of them can resist the other.

When Aslan learns that Ati has made a deal with Ibo for a documentary project, he takes action to disrupt their partnership, sparking a war.

 With Hülya's secret guidance, Devin welcomes an unexpected visitor to his clinic: Cihan. The reason for this visit leaves Devin on the brink of a big decision. Cihan needs a psychologist.

Hülya, who is aware of the marriage proposal, prepares a marriage contract for Aslan and Devin to protect her family. While this contract pits her against Aslan; on the other hand, it will push Aslan to take his own precautions for this marriage. However, this precaution, which will destroy all the values Devin believes in, will put their relationship to a great test.

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Aile Episode 04

Aslan and Devin find themselves on the brink of separation as their relationship hits a major impasse.

When they finally confront their irresistible feelings, reconciliation becomes inevitable and the two take the first steps toward marriage.

However, Devin has a condition for the marriage contract. A single and big condition...

The news of the sudden marriage reverberates around the farm. Faced with her biggest fear, Hülya puts her strongest trump card into play to prevent this wedding: Cihan, who convinced Devin to go to therapy when she and Aslan were apart.

Undoubtedly, Cihan will be one of the most important guests at this wedding.

On the other hand, İbo tries to dominate the family by using the security breach at the farm as an excuse. Ati, who realizes that she was tricked by Aslan, confronts him. Now both Ibo and Ati are bombs for Aslan.

And finally... Drums and zurnas start to play at the Soykan farm! As Devin and Aslan unite their lives, an unexpected event at the wedding introduces Devin to the darkness of the Soykan family, of which she is now a part.
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Aile Episode 05

With the farm under attack, Devin faces perhaps the most difficult days of his life and needs the support of only one person: Aslan.

But instead, Aslan finds himself with an army of bodyguards. Hülya increases the pressure on the family members, especially Devin.

Security measures at the farm are raised to the highest level until they find out who organized the attack.

As Devin confronts the darkness of the Soykan family, she begins to question her beliefs about Aslan and knocks on Cihan's door to find an answer.

As she tries to get to know Aslan, she will also meets the darkness within herself.

Aslan's focus is on finding the person who shot Eko. Anyone who might benefit from this attack is suspicious for Aslan.

Finally, the curtain is pulled back... Aslan finds out who organized the attack. Now it is time for revenge.

As Hülya works on her plans to bring Aslan and Devin back to the farm, will Aslan be able to keep his promise to Devin?

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Aile Episode 06

When Devin and Aslan start living at the farm, Hülya takes action to show that she is in charge of the family. She introduces Devin to the Soykan rules. Devin, who thinks that these rules violate his freedom, confronts Hülya.

Aslan plans an evening alone with Devin. The night they spend together at Volta, Devin brings Aslan face to face with a truth he has never been able to face until today, which will change all the balances.
After the fire, Ibo enters a new struggle with Aslan and makes a big move. He will confront Aslan with his biggest fear, the letter Yusuf Soykan left to his son. But Aslan is not the only one shaken by the memories of his father. Cihan knocks on Devin's door with the same feelings. While Devin is good for Cihan in this regard; it will harm Aslan.
On the other hand, Ati, who continues to carry out her dark plan behind Aslan's back, gets close to Ceylan at the party she invited her to. The person Yağmur encounters at the same party will cause the dark books of the past to be opened for both Yağmur and the Soykans.
At a family dinner, a big fight between Devin and Hülya foreshadows the storm that is about to break, and Aslan witnesses this fight. Devin is confronted by an Aslan he has never met before. And now it is Devin's turn to face him.

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Aile Episode 07

After an argument at the table, Aslan and Devin's marriage hits a major impasse. Devin packs her things and leaves the house, and the couple reaches the point of divorce.

In this process, Aslan, who devotes himself to work, takes action to dispose of the casinos abroad. However, this brings him face to face with his business partner Serhat Koruzade. On the other hand, Hülya does not support Aslan's decision. She cooperates with İbo in order to keep her relations with the Koruzades intact. Hülya will also learn about Yağmur's connection with Serhat.
Devin takes a break from going to the clinic during this period. While this affects Cihan the most; Cihan, who wants to resume her sessions, will try every way.
Aslan and Devin come together after weeks due to an unexpected event, but they do not take any steps to reconcile. However, that night, their relationship will once again be put to the ultimate test thanks to their feelings for each other.
Serhat starts to track down Yağmur, the only eyewitness to the murder he committed in Izmir. With the help of Ati, he finds Yağmur's home address. Now a great struggle awaits Yağmur. On the other hand, Hülya, who reaches the evidence she wants about Yağmur's past as an escort, will reveal the truth, which will drag the whole family, especially Aslan and Devin, into a new danger.
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Aile Episode 08

Before Aslan and Devin can face the truth they have learned; they find themselves in the hospital with a phone call. While Yağmur's treatment continues; Hülya learns that Serhat Koruzade is the one who did this to her and takes action to protect her family. All evidence must be destroyed before Aslan finds out about Serhat. Hülya forces Cihan to help her in this regard. At the end of a week, Aslan finds out that Serhat is the one who harmed Yağmur. 

Things are now in an unmanageable situation. For Aslan, who grew up with the teaching "Ignoring oppression is betrayal of the oppressed", the punishment to be meted out to Serhat is clear. However, Devin and Hülya will stand against Aslan with their own truth. What happens on an evening when they go out to lift Yağmur's spirits causes a big confrontation between Devin and Yağmur; Eko, who is now sure that something is being hidden from him, goes after the truth. As Hülya collaborates with İbo to kidnap Serhat abroad, Cihan is forced to be a part of this collaboration. 

However, possibilities that Hülya did not take into account upset all her plans. As Serhat's release puts him on Devin's scales of justice, Aslan's question will force Devin to make a decision that will change everyone's fate. But what will Devin decide?

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Aile Episode 09

Serhat's death is the beginning of a big war for the Soykans. Serhat's lawyer Suat finds out what happened and threatens to tell everything to Ilyas. While Aslan continues to cooperate with Cihan to solve this problem; the two brothers go after Suat. However, when they find him, they will encounter a surprise that will change all their plans.

On the other hand, Hülya, who learns that Serhat is dead, has to cooperate with İbo again to protect the family. Their differences of opinion on this issue will bring Aslan and Hülya face to face. Despite all this, Aslan returns to the farm with Devin and Yağmur for the safety of his family, while Hülya's control over the family continues to be shaken. The struggle between Hülya and Devin is now much bigger.
Devin questions whether she played a role in Serhat's death and confronts the reality of Ilyas Koruzade. When she realizes that Ilyas is a great danger to Aslan and Yağmur, she starts to worry. Devin's search for a way out leads to irreversible changes in his soul; for the first time, he thinks like a Soykan and gives an idea that will affect Aslan's plan. Aslan, who has been struggling for five years not to turn into his father, looks for a way to get rid of the threat of Lawyer Suat without getting his hands dirty. On the other hand, the Soycans gather for Kaya's circumcision wedding. However, with an unexpected guest coming to the wedding, Devin enters the Soykan circle, which he has not entered until now, and the Soykans will come face to face with the danger of Ilyas Koruzade.
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Aile Episode 10

After Ilyas' sudden arrival, the Soykans face a great danger; Ilyas begins to investigate the reason for his son's sudden disappearance. It is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. Aslan tries to protect his family from Ilyas while struggling not to turn into his father. Suspecting that the lawyer's wife is not dead, Hülya takes action to solve the case once and for all.

Devin comes to the rescue of his mother who was thrown out of her house by his father. Neşe, who is now homeless, starts living at the farm for a while, while Devin plays the game according to Soykan's rules and comes to terms with his father.
At the family dinner, Leyla tells the whole family about her decision to get divorced, which leads to a big confrontation. On the other hand, Cihan, who thinks he has nothing to lose, learns that Aysel is pregnant.
Following the arrows of suspicion in his son's death, Elias finally finds a trace. On the other hand, Hülya, whose control over her family is shaken, teaches Devin a big lesson; Aslan, who learns about Ati's dark ambitions on Ceylan, will now darken his eyes. Will the spirit of Yusuf Soykan, from whom he has been running away for years, now capture Aslan?
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Aile Episode 11

The Soykanes are confronted by Aslan, now transformed into his father. Knowing that nothing will ever be the same again, Aslan shows Devin the last exit before the bridge to protect her from herself. Now Devin can either walk away from this family without looking back or stay with Aslan and become a part of this family. Devin has to make a decision. On the other hand, Hülya realizes that her son has darkened her eyes and takes action to prevent a war with Ilyas.
Aslan confronts Ilyas and tells him the truth, starting the war between the two families, while Ilyas vows to make life hell for the Soykans. Hülya and Devin will be the first to fall into his net.
Wanting to protect her family, Hülya knocks on Ilyas' door. Knowing the big secret about Soykan's past, İlyas forces Hülya to make the hardest choice of her life in exchange for keeping her family intact.
After Ati's death, a police investigation is launched. While the whole family, especially Devin, has to give false testimony about the night of the incident, Devin continues to face the realities of being a Soykan harshly. Will Devin stay with the family and give false testimony after all he has been through? Or will she burn the ships and turn against the whole family?
Faced with the choice that Ilyas forces her to make, Hülya makes a decision that will affect everyone's fate, while Ilyas moves to make his real move. A major event on the anniversary of Yusuf Soykan's death will bring the Soykans face to face with death.
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Aile Episode 12

Aysel and her baby are in critical condition after the explosion at the cemetery. Continuing his war from where he left off, İlyas corners Hülya into making a choice between her sons. While Hülya and İbo search for a new way to stop İlyas, Aslan devises a plan to make his family pay for what they have been through. Moreover, Aslan will team up with Cihan in this plan. On the other hand, Devin is the target of Ilyas.
Hülya, who has to give an answer to Ilyas to protect her family, ultimately makes a choice between her sons. Ilyas is now ready to deliver the final blow to end his war with Soykan. He is confronted with the name Hülya has given him. Which son did Hülya name him after? Cihan? Aslan? Her own son? Or her adopted son?
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Aile Episode 13

After Hülya's decision, Ilyas plans to kill Aslan but gets a big surprise. Just before the guns go off, Ilyas gives Aslan a big clue about the secret of adoption and the family's bloody past. Now Aslan has only one question on his mind. Is what Ilyas says true?

Devin, who learns that the man she loves is facing death, tells Aslan that she is pregnant. Aslan is overjoyed at the news, but Devin is determined not to give birth to this baby. Aslan will try to prove to Devin that it is possible to build a new life with their baby.
A phone call from Kıymet spurs Hülya into action. On the other hand, Aslan starts to work on his plan to find out who the adopted child is.
When Aslan learns who the adopted child is, the truth that emerges shakes Aslan and Hülya's relationship deeply. On the other hand, Cihan also learns this truth. He goes to Devin's clinic. After what happens at the clinic, Devin decides to end the therapy sessions.
When everyone gathers together for Yağmur and Eko's wedding ceremony, all the secrets come to light one by one. After a big argument, Hülya tells Aslan that Devin and Cihan have been having sessions secretly for months.
Now it is Aslan and Cihan's turn to face each other. The confrontation between the two brothers that night will turn into a big showdown as the bloody secrets of the family are revealed; while the family will be dragged towards a great destruction.
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