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 Demet Ozdemir: "I am honest in advising my friends and sometimes I can hurt them."
 Demet Özdemir confesses how she is when she is in a couple: "I am very jealous but I don't show it".
 Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç have broken up: "It's over, there's no going back."
"Can Yaman and Demet were more than just friends," the gossip comes from Italy.
The confessions that created an event came from the beautiful actress Demet Özdemir! I am jealous but...
Yaman and Ozdemir, Rosica: 'Love of about two years, they never forgot each other.
Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, Rosica's backstory: 'They were not just friends, but a couple'
Demet Özdemir, pictured with Oğuzhan Koç: "Maybe we can't sit next to each other"