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The television series "Sen Çal Kapımı" is taking a break for a week.
This love will make a lot of news! Murat Dalkılıç has started a new love story with Hande Erçel's close friend.
Sen Çal Kapımı episode 45 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle
Three wishes Kerem Bürsin would ask the Genie of the Lamp for
Kerem Bürsin and partner Alican Aytekin declare war on each other: "Revenge is coming".
Kerem Bürsin and how he has changed from youth to stardom.
Sen Çal Kapımı episode 44 With English Español & Italiano Subtitle
Kerem Bürsin brightens Hande Erçel's day with a romantic detail: "What a beautiful morning".