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Can Yaman and Diletta, Rosica: They are waiting for the storm to subside to announce the breakup
Can Yaman and Diletta, there is talk of a crisis and the actor would hide an 'uncomfortable secret'.
Can Yaman, bad news about Sandokan: 'Shooting would be frozen, there is mystery'
Can Yaman and Diletta more and more distant and there is talk of a break-up: the two choose the 'no comment'.
Are Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta at the end of the road? Paolone: They are tired of this acting
Can Yaman, first previews of Sandokan: the figure of Lady Marianne will be the key character
The relationship between Leotta and Yaman could be at the end of the line: Rosica's revelation
Can and Diletta, Rosica's backstory: 'They ended any kind of collaboration'
Can Yaman and Diletta have already broken up? The indiscretion of Rosica: 'They have said goodbye'.
Can and Diletta Leotta would break up, the report: 'It's over, incredible quarrel'
Can Yaman and Diletta, Giorgia Rossi's attack: 'I don't even envy her boyfriend'.
Can Yaman and Diletta, a ring comes out but Rosica blurts out: 'They have to finish this fake story'.
Can Yaman criticized for perfume: 'Does he produce it with money advanced by fans?'
Can Yaman, Rosica backstory: 'He signed off on million-dollar collaborations, now future in TV'
  Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, harsh attack on social media:"They closed the big deal in a good way,"
Can Yaman spotted with Enzo Thorens: the director could be working on a new commercial
Can Yaman caught 'checking out' private parts, Deianira teases: 'Is anyone there?'
Can Yaman and Diletta together on TV, behind-the-scenes: they would be courted by Silvia Toffanin
Can Yaman: Özge Gürel could be the testimonial of the perfume that sponsors the actor
Can Yaman and Diletta, mystery on the quarrel in Turkey: the actor could be hiding a secret