Barış Arduç: Everything's fine

Barış Arduç: Everything's fine

The couple Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç, who have been together for 6 years, got married on July 29th.

The handsome actror Barış Arduç was seen in Etiler the day before. Arduç, now married, made a statement about his new life.


Barış Arduç, who married Gupse Özay on July 29, said: "Life is very beautiful with Gupse. The marriage is going well. Everything is going well, we are very happy" he said.


Gupse Özay said this about her husband Barış Arduç: "We have a lot of fun together, we never get bored. Barış is an intelligent, self-confident man, unlike everyone else, discreet, creative."

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