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Can Yaman and Diletta reportedly stay on good terms: 'Keep bad things from coming out'
Can Yaman and Diletta, Rosica's backstory: 'It's not like before, there's little to reveal'
Can Yaman loses the title of 'soap star': Cesur and Serkan actors take his place
Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, are things over? In one of Can's stories appears the photo of Diletta's niece
Can Yaman, Sandokan is realized and the confirmation from a painting with the poster: 'October 2021'
Can Yaman and Diletta, separate vacations and hypothesis of definitive breakup: he consoles himself with fans
Can Yaman consoles himself with his fans: Diletta Leotta is more and more distant
Can Yaman shows how to do push-ups and get the social media on fire
Can Yaman in Castellammare di Stabia: dancing night for the Turkish actor
Can Yaman and Diletta, they talk about crisis and goodbye: he would have been seen with other girls
Can and Diletta, Rosica: 'I assure you that they broke up'
Can Yaman and Diletta, Rosica's indiscretion: 'He and Macellari were with two women'
Can Yaman and Diletta, the breakup would be official: he would like to change his lodging in Rome
Diletta Leotta-Can Yaman: it could be over, she no longer wears the ring (rumor)
Uomini e donne, Gianni Sperti super-fan of Can Yaman: rain of 'like' to his social media photos
Can Yaman and Diletta have broken up? Rosica: 'They didn't deny it, shameful'
Can Yaman, Sorge's backstory with Diletta: 'Misunderstanding and tension'
Can Yaman and Diletta, separate vacations: the journalist would have removed the ring
Can Yaman and Diletta, backstory: he would never have been seen in his girlfriend's house
Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, separate vacations and there is talk of a breakup: 'She is free and happy'