Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, their real love story

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, their real love story

Can Yaman is definitely the most desired Turkish actor of the moment but, despite his many suitors, the actor is single and, since he rose to fame with his TV shows, only one romance has been attributed to him: Demet Özdemir, with whom he coincided in 'Erkenci Kus'. Do you know his love story in real life?

The actors met during the shooting of the TV show, which has become so popular all over Europe, in which they played the main characters Can and Sanem, a couple who, despite their differences, fell madly in love.

The chemistry between the two was so strong and evident that, finally, love went beyond the screen and the fiction became reality. So, although unconfirmed, rumors of a relationship followed the couple throughout the filming of the series, which began in 2018.

As we were saying, the truth is that neither Can Yaman nor Demet confirmed their relationship that everyone had taken for granted and would have had from the beginning of 2018 (when they were shooting the series) until the end of 2019. Their fans were able to see them together on several occasions, and both even uploaded many posts on their social media in which they appeared to be the most affectionate.

For several months, the Turkish press was on their trail: they were seen leaving a nightclub in early 2019, and soon after, in April, the couple attended the Murex d'Or Awards together, which honors the best actors and actresses in the Arab world. Both won the award for the best male and female lead in a series. Before the awards, they were photographed in the hall of the Monte Cassino Hotel, where they arrived together.

A few months after the awards, in August 2019, the couple went on holiday to Marmaris, a small town hidden in a bay in southwest Turkey. Although Can and Sanem were reluctant to have their pictures taken together, their social media gave them away. 

The first to share a publication was Can Yaman, who posted a video in his stories in which he appeared on a beach, very relaxed and fun, accompanied by his dog Simba. In the background, there were some hills.

Just one hour later, his girl shared in a snapshot on a seaside terrace. In the background, you could see the same hills as in the actor's video. Coincidence? It was probably our favorite Turkish actor who took that picture.

After the success of 'Erkenci Kus', both Demet and Can were inundated with job offers, and, at the end of 2019, the young woman was immersed in the recording of a new Turkish series.

Meanwhile, as fans of the actor will remember, Can Yaman was promoting his series in Italy and Spain. In fact, the visit to Spain generated a lot of expectations and thousands of people went to meet him at the airport. Soon after, the actor left the spotlight for a while to do his obligatory military service in Turkey.

For his part, according to Turkish media reports, Demet Özdemir was the one who made the decision to break off her relationship with the actor, as her alleged romance was overshadowing her artistic career.

In fact, according to these sources, Demet even went so far as to hire some specialists to clear her name on the Internet so that, when looking for her, only data related to her work and not to her personal life would be found.
Now, a few months after their separation, the actors are passing through the quarantine each on their own and no trace of their love affair remains.

Can Yaman is taking advantage of the confinement to do a multitude of activities, such as dancing the tango with his mother or improving his Spanish.

On the other hand, Sanem is living with her stylist and friend, Mustafa Rutkay. As we can see on her social media.

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