Kerem Bursin, manager confirms breakup with Hande and denies new flirtation

Kerem Bursin, manager confirms breakup with Hande and denies new flirtation

The love story between Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel would seem to have officially come to an end. The alleged crisis seemed evident from the movements on Instagram of the two protagonists of Love is in the air, but has been confirmed by the manager of the actor who also denied the new alleged flirtation attributed to him with actress Elif Gokalp.

The words of Kerem Bursin's manager confirmed the breakup with Hande Ercel

Gunfer Gunaydin, Kerem Bursin's manager, on the day of March 14, said, "At the moment there is no one in Kerem's life.

We expect respect from the press." These words would seem to confirm the breakup of Kerem and his colleague, known on the set of Love is in the air, Hande Ercel, as well as deny the new flirtation attributed to the Turkish actor who plays Serkan Bolat. 

The agent who takes care of Bursin's image, in fact, added: "The news that are circulating about Kerem Bursin are not true". The reference of these words is to the rumor spread in Turkey about the alleged new flirtation of the actor with the actress Elif Gokalp. So, the actor would be single at the moment.

The alleged relationship of Hande Ercel with Turkish entrepreneur Atasay Kamer

If Kerem would result from single to Hande is instead attributed the flirtation with the owner of the firm of jewels Atasay Kamer.

The two would have met on the occasion of Hande's collaboration, as a testimonial, with Atasay Jewelry. They were also immortalized together at an event, during which they would chat very intimately. The relationship, however, has not been confirmed or denied by those involved.

Hande stopped following Kerem on Instagram

The doubt of fans about the crisis of the couple between Kerem and Hande is due to suspicious movements on Instagram. Hande, in fact, stopped following Kerem on social media and deleted all photos with her boyfriend from her profile. For his part, Kerem deleted the photo in the Maldives with which he had made their relationship official in April 2021, but kept the previous photos with the actress, taken on the set of Love is in the air.

Moreover, to date, Kerem is still following his girlfriend. There has been no official confirmation or denial from those directly concerned about the breakup, but the words of Kerem's manager would seem to confirm it. What is in doubt is the reasons for the estrangement. According to some rumors, it would have been the same managers of the two actors to advise them to break up. However, should Hande's new flirtation be confirmed, it could have played a decisive role in the breakup of the engagement.

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