Can Yaman was seen at the Gold company ...

Can Yaman was seen at the Gold company ...

Can Yaman was seen at the Gold company where he went to read the script for his new series. Can Yaman answered sincerely to the questions posed to him. 

About his former partner in the ''Dolunay'' series ÖzgeGürel he said that he is happy to play with her again “We have played together before, someone I agreed with. I am very happy to be playing with her.” 

He added that he evaluated the quarantine period well, he said, “I tried to turn this process into positive. I play the drums, get training, dance tango.”
About the screenshots of a false dialogue shared on social media and the claim that they exposed, he said “A simple and inexpensive photo shot. Been made the more absurd Photoshop. No, never said to me, 'cut your hair', etc. completely false news.” He clarified the issue.

About his partner in the phenomenal series "Erkenci Kuş", Demet Özdemir, who he is claimed to want to make peace with her, he said: "There is no such thing. Demet is a very beloved friend to me. We didn't met since a long time but she's always special to me. We don't have any issue, we just don't talk but I still appreciate her"

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