When we came together In August last year, it was the beginning of EK and later on you had a very good breakthrough. Were you anticipating this effect when you started the series ?
Can : We started this journey with my stylist Asli Partak. talking a lot in Oder to imagine someone who could be a phenomenon while we were creating the character of Can Divit. The man in the script was cargo vested, shabby, a little bit dowdy but from the moment I read the analysis of the character I wanted to let people watch soneone who could be phenomenal with his every oufit. every move, ewrythitw he does. We worked on his body language, his glances, his energy, his way of behavior, his talking style, hb sense of humor, in a nutshell everything. We went out to shop for his wardrobe together. Hence when this authentic and original character emerged, it drew intereg. When it drew interest in not only did so in Turkey but also in countries like Italy, Spain and Amerie, I knew that we had it right on an intemational scale. It was my purpose atl along. em in this seaor only for 5 years, I believe all those things I've experienced were just a trailer, I'll be working to put more into it each time and expaand.

The series is over, but I still feel like Can Divit is sitting in front of me. Was this the character that you find closest to you, in terms of his style, his way of life and behaviours, among all you portrayed?
Can : Sometimes even I still feel like I haven't gotten out of the charactert we shot 51 episodes, it's something... I have internalized many of his estures that I still use some of them. To be honest, t% is role was the one in which I liberated myself the most, used my imagination and was given freedom for it the most. My opinions were valued, and even though sometimes we didn't agree, I wasn't oppressed by the director or the production team. For instance, they had hesitations as to my hair, my tattoo and my accessories but I managed to convincing them. It is significant to stand tall and advocate a little for something you have faith s and vision in.

With this series you obtained a really sportive, young, an "outdoor" aura. Doesn't this form limit the roles you may be offered in the future?
Can : No, I don't think so. I'll do my military service and my image will have to change after all. I love to create new images and unique charaters so mcuh, that's why I won't stick to the same look on my next project, I'll certainly change 180 degrees. Bedir in Gonul Isleri, Yalin in Inadina Ask, Tarik in Hangimiz Sevmedik, Ferit in Dolunay...They were all different from one another. People feel a little down when they hear this image will be gone because the character was loved so much, they loved it and don't want it to change, but our job is not like that. Since our job is to create a characters and to give them a soul, I would like to create a new image-in relation to the script and the story of the project that will be offered- which can give depth to the character and can spark an effect here and abroad with his originality just like Can Divit did, even surpass him.                                                

Do you have a character in mind?
Can : Nothing for sure but I hope we can find a script in where I'll be free again and a character who I won't be trapped inside. The character should hve such qualifications in the story, a past and a background so that as an actor I can develop it and don't let it become monotonous.Making viewers watch the same person for 50 episodes is boring for both sides, one should make them watch the alteration and evolvement of the character. I would like to be a part of a story that lets me do it. Single-sided, stereotypical characters are so shallow.

So does this interest put a pressure on you when choosing a new project? Does the anxiety of "what if it won't be successful, what if I can't meet people's expectations?" increase?         
Can : Of course it does, at this point you have to decide carefully and sensitively. They always ask me if there's a new project, there are good stuff out there, but it's early yet. I don't think the audience can accept the character's change so quickly, so I prefer to wait a bit. We filmed a romantic comedy series without giving a seasonal break, by working 6 days per week and with 140 minutes long in each 51 episodes, we played the half of the scenes improvised. Our weariness level is high, so it's important that I rest and charge up a bit for both me and my next project.

Do you trust in yourself so much?
Can :  In high school I went to USA and lived there for a while, I stayed in Italy for a particular period of time also and at the age of 24 I jumped into the water without knowing how to swim with an amazing cast, in Gonul Isleri. I've been working non-stop for 5 years and I'm always in front of the cameras, maybe I don't get affected much due to being in places where I can cope with my excitement, for many years. I was raised in balance, with love, I had good friends, played lots of sports, I mean, I lived life to the fullest up until today and this helps me to welcome the feeling of excitement more maturely and calmly. Sometimes it can be perceived as arrogance but it isn't, this is who I am. Instead of excitement, my motivation increases and motivation gives me a positive energy which allows me to perform better. I may not have attended such a program if I didn't know Italian because I would have to follow the line-up for 3 hours but I'm relaxed since I count on my Italian a lot. When I have the knowledge, have a grasp of the matter I confident in myself ... But, if you want me to sing on a stage I might get nervous because I don't know how to sing. It's about confidence, your experience and qualifications, actually.

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