Demet Ozdemir Hurriyet, December 2019.

Demet Ozdemir Hurriyet, December 2019.

What kind of characters will we be watching?
Demet: Zeynep is naive and hopeful girl, one that doesn't hurt anyone, that doesn't know where she belongs but always carries the wish to belong somewhere. The thing I love about her the most is how she doesn't have the heart to hurt neither one of her moms.

What does DEK's story tell?
Demet: The story starts when an 8 year old girl born and raised in a very poor family is given to a rich family to be able to get an education. When Zeynep grows up she faces the conflicts of her two families and the question "where do I belong tor During this time she encounters the love of her life and starts a journey to find her individuality.

According to you, what makes this story different from the other projects on TV right now?
Demet: It's a real story, this is the main difference the characters actually live and we tried to create the real-ness of the story in the most suitable manner.

You said you have a story that shows how good It is to dream, you were born in a small town in izmit did you think back then that you will be among Turkey's actresses in demand?
Demet: I was really born and raised in a small place, I dream big but I never even imagined this much.

What kind of dreams did you haver?
Demet: To act, to explore things through this profession, but did I forsee these days, no. 

After your sister got married you and your mother tried to remain standing, was life hard?
Demet: My mother and I were two strong and persistent women, that's why nothing was hard and unpass-able for us, we had problems, we had difficulties but we never felt weak. We talked about our dreams and nobody stood in our way.The things we live today are actually a great blessing of being a believer. 

You were a professional dancer before becoming an actress, how did this affect your acting?
Demet: Body language is very important in acting. Dancing taught me to trust my body and to set my body free in order to explore my character when I am portraying a different person.

Do you follow the movement of women and dance activities around the world?
Demet: Yes, I find it very positive and brave for women to convey their problems through dance and music.

We've seen you on romantic comedies, did you hesitate when you got this drama project?
Demet: It was very exciting for me to start a drama after romcoms, but it wasn't a reason for me to have negative fears, after all we can't say the romantic acting and drama acting are different thing.

What kind of Demet will we see with this new character?
Demet: As time passes by I by to develop. Every person grows themselves and I am in that phase. Zeynep's character is fixed but still leaves the opportunity to be personalised. You will see a little more of a crying Demet instead of the one that laughs a At. I hope you At her too.

What did the 6 years on screen teach you about life and the acting industry?
Demet: The conditions of the acting industry are the hard thing and not the actually acting. You will be success-ful in this profession it you are brave, you work hard, and do your best. There is much tor you to learn with every scenario you read, with every actor and director you work with. At first I didn't think so but I understood this with time.

You took off a very short break fro m TV. Doesn't this quick return give you the fear that your face will wear Your old partner got viral with his claim that The libido between leading actors should be high" what did you think when you read this? Do you agree?
Demet: It is a plus for every project to have a good understanding with your partner and to have high energy. Energy and chemistry are very important to be able to discuss scenes and to be able to laugh together.

You have almost 9 million followers on instagram, why do all these people follow you?
Demet: Some because of curiosity, some because they truly love me, and some others because they follow the dizis and they may wonder stuff as how is she actually, what does she wear, does she do a lot of make up, where is she right now. 

You've been on trends for so long even after Erkenci Kus, your dizi is being broadcasted abroad as well.What kind of interest is shown from there, you get mobbed on streets too?
Demet: It was sold to many countries but I did not visit any of those countries until now, I did not have time. 

Does your fame being on its peak limit your freedom?
Demet: When you decide to act and start to film dizis everyone knows you. People come and tell me they love me, and their embrace makes me feel that I ant on the right track that is why I don't see this as a problem. 

Are you used to the media, can the headlines still sadden you?
Demet: At first I would get surprised more than sad. I kept asking for the reason. to get used to it.
om some point on I started to get used to it

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