Demet Ozdemir Hurriyet, January 2020

Demet Ozdemir Hurriyet, January 2020

Demet Ozdemir is on TV with her character Zeynep of "Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir" show. She will be by our side as the landlady on 28th of February for the Pantene Golden Butterfly Award Show. We asked key questions to our landlady to know her better. See how she answered...

"Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir" is your first drama, do you cry 24/7 on set?"
Demet: (Laughs) I do cry and I am completely trying to do it justice. I can't even hold myself which I think is a good situation.

"Are you saying I'm crying now after all the years of laughs"
Demet: We laughed for 8 years, I think it is the time for cries now. I feel good and in safe hands. I get even braver after the first episode when the work airs and I see its world.

"The show tells a real story, what did you feel when you first read the scenario?"
Demet: Apart from it being a real story, I was affected by the wounds and life experience of the girl I'm giving life to. It's a girl that didn't belong anywhere. She is so right to expect to be accepted with love by others. I didn't see her state of staying silent as an inability. She asks for love and she is right for that. She hasn't lived with her true parents and she is living the absence of their love.

"The countdown for Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards has started, this year the show will take place under your landlordism. How do you feel?"
Demet: It excites me to be the landlady. It's a great responsibility, in our culture landlordism is an im-portant thing. When I had won my Golden Butterfly award I had gotten on stage running and I had said "I feel incredibly lucky that I got up here without falling': It's an amazing feeling to be on that stage. Now I don't have fear nor panic, I just want you to know I am very excited, butterflies fly within me. 

"Have you started preparations?"
Demet: To be the landlady of Turkey's most prestigious award show is a very important role for me and it makes me very proud. We're working with the whole team for a long time to be able to do this im-portant role justice, we are preparing a surprise show that we believe the viewers will love. It will really be a show for me to say"the day is my day". Pantene Golden Butterly is very precious for me, that's why I want to be there with my best state. Like for every woman, my mood lightens up when my hair looks good, so for a night like this it's my main must to be on my best mood. That's why we made an intense maintenance plan in order to have my hair reflect my energy in its best way. Anyway it's easier for me to get the look I want since I do not neglect my hair care routine with Pantene products. We are still de-ciding what hairstyle I will have for that night but trust me I will show once more I am the brand am-bassador. 

"How did you find the choices for'Shining Stars'? This year these awards are being given to Alina Boz, lylada Alisan, and Ebru Sahin."
Demet: I follow all of them fondly. They're all very energetic, and loved actresses that proved their talent on their projects. It's a great pride for me to be with them in such a night.

"You've done an ad with Pantene with "The day is my day" concept, can you talk about this part-nership?"
Demet: As someone who's used the products of Pantene for a long time, I am very happy for this part-nership. When we met with the brand team they shared with me interesting results about a research done on women's hair. According to Pantene's research that was done in 11 countries, women look at life in a more positive manner and trust themselves and have more faith in what they can do when their hair looks strong and healthy. We started this journey with Pantene inviting more women with great hair to start their day saying 'the day is my day'while having faith in what they can do. The reflec-tions on the works we've done with Pantene show that we're in the right path. The launching, the cam-paign, and the event in Baku all received positive comments and served as a nice proof that our DNA matched with Pantene. We're working on strong projects with Pantene for the upcoming period. 

"You look very energetic and happy just like you look in the ad. What is the secret behind this? What motivates you in life?"
Demet: The most important factor that affects my mood is how I start a day. You know how they say lit continues how you started it' and it's exactly that case. It's very important for me to start the day in a good way in the morning and to leave home being happy. My secret in looking energetic and happy is to look at life with a positive eye and be able to smile. And for this, believing in myself, focusing in what I am able to do, having dreams and thinking about how to make them come true, are on top of the things that motivate. For all of these I have to be confident in how I look when I see my reflection in the mirror in the morning. And then the energy I have within is reflected on the outside and I tell the woman I see in the mirror"you can do it" That's why the best complement to my look is to have my hair look good which makes me feel more happy and energetic. Looking good for me starts from my hair and only then I can say that I am ready for what the day brings. 

"Hair is very important for ever woman, what does your hair mean to you?" 
Demet: My hair is my easiest way of expressing myself. I am a very energetic person in both my per-sonal and professional life and it is very important for me to reflect this energy on the outside in the best way. I always took care to have my hair look strong and healthy and reflect my energy. That's why I regularly apply treatments in order to have great hair and feel great every day not only on special oc-casions. I take special care for my hair since it's under intense treatments due to my work requirements. I can easily do my hair care at home and make it look good with the Pantene products I've chosen to fit my hair type and needs. I'm sure this reflects on my energy as well and makes me feel better.

"I want to get to know our landlady a little more closely. It was said that you paid 4 thousand dollars to erase all news about your personal life from the Internet, is this true?"

Demet: I will just say that in times like this money is not easily earned.

"What makes you angry?" 
Demet: Disrespect, abuse of goodwill, and high expectations. Being over-giving comes from the love you have within, but after a certain time I see that the other side perceives this as an obligation. It upsets me and hurts that it seems as a duty, therefore it kind of makes me angry. 

"Do you get mad at the negative comments and criticism done towards you on social media?"
Demet: I get sad when those are done to others instead. When it comes to myself, I'm on my way and I am confident in myself. I don't even see the things that lower my motivation.There are certain people whose criticism I listen to. It makes me feel good to listen to them. We would be very unfair to ourselves if we listen to all criticism others have about us. But when it is done to others I always say"this must've hurt them". 

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