Kadir Doğulu interview for Milliyet Magazine

Kadir Doğulu interview for Milliyet Magazine

There is nothing that cannot be done with love'. Admiral Batti Kaciyorusss' the first theater experience with the theater for Kadir Doğulu "My love began by watching the actors on the stage of the theater. 'There is nothing that cannot be done with love'. Kadir Doğulu , one of the most admired actors of the screens, has his first theater experience at the season's new play"Admiral Batti Kaciyorusss". Doğulu brings the character Caner to life with laughter and shares this first with Haldun Domien and Goksel Kortay. 

We came together with the handsome actor on the set of his series "Vuslat which continues on TRT. We talked about everything from stage dust to the transformation in the thirties and the kitchen adventures with his wife Neslihan. On the last Saturday of 2019, the wish of the Kadir Dogulu for the New Year is to bring goodness to everyone and to spread goodness.

J:You encounter your first theater experience with "Admiral Batti Kaciyorusss'.How does it feel to be on stage?
K: My love for acting began by watching actors on the stage of the theater. That's why it seemed more true. more real. more magical to me. After that, I did not separate acting as series, cinema and theater. I met with Goksel Kortay during my London trip when I went for a job. A year later, she called me .There's a play like this, just in case you would like to consider. I said okay. We started reading rehearsals. Everything was going very normal. Until the public rehearsal. Then I understood what she was saying. A completely different medium. Always a guess before that. It was much more than I thought it was, and it was high, which I liked very much. - You play a very excited and quickly panicked person in the play.

J:Do you panic quickly or are you calm?
K: I'm the opposite. I'm making a lot of effort for this to happen. I wasn't the kind of guy who was able to confront those who came before me. I would move with my reflexes. But when I saw that it didn't work, I decided to improve myself in many ways to stay calm and cool. I made an effort on it. Now, as Caner is a panic character, Kadir is the opposite, cold-blooded. I'm the one who stays in that cold-blooded moment and sees things that might happen.

J: You also have a problem with equality between women and men......
K: There is. because what you call equality seems like a blessing. That's not the case. Conceptually, it is necessary to reevaluate and put people at its origin. It could have physical properties. You call her a woman, you call him a man. There may be structural differences caused by physical properties . A mother or a woman looks at the world with completely different eyes. A man looks at you with completely different eyes. While many beauties can arise with the advantages of diversity, we wear a contradiction to ourselves by weakening the difference.

J: Did marriage transform you?
K: Marriage was a serious decision. It wasn't an unconscious decision. It was a decision made by the heart of the heart. Because I guess these things aren't things that can work with the mind.. The mind might say maybe it's nice, ugly or not look this or that. But heart always chooses right.True conscience always chooses the right. We made our decision when we first realised it but it took some time to say it around. With the decision to marry, It was also possible to see what this has brought. When we wholeheartedly accepted what was brought, that means an improvement. This is undeniable. Can not be denied Because being an individual and trying to live in the same house with someone respecting each other, it causes tremendous vigilance.

J: You studied gastronomy. You're keen on the kitchen. Is the kitchen your space at home?
K: It mostly belonged to me. But for the last two years. Neslihan has been busy with the kitchen. Because it's a period when she prefers to rest for a while. I was working hard. A bit of a balanced way that I've been going for a long time. In the last two years Neslihan has managed very well and has done great things. But if we look at the end of the day, I think it suits the turkish man very well to cook.. My mother is a great cook. My father never understood the cooking.ln our family, my mother was able to do this. In my household, which I established now, the kitchen is an element of balance. A little bit her, a little bit me...

J: Growing up in a crowded family, do you have the desire to expand your family?
K: We hope. We do not limit ourselves to this. Or we don't set a date for that. We strive to live the life we are given in the best way. So we don't have a plan. But we have hope.

J: Well. what kind of a husband are you? 
K: I'm trying to be as vigilant as I can. Vigilance ,not in the sense of cunning. Awareness.What I think and the sentences I have created on it. An attempt to understand the current state. However. I am a person who pays attention to his behavior and his words, who tries to respond to my wife's needs and knows his responsibilities.

Kadir is a person who has the courage to endure the consequences of any situation.

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