BLACKPINK Lisa ELLE Korea Magazine February 2020 Issue

BLACKPINK Lisa ELLE Korea Magazine February 2020 Issue

You filmed with a lot of flowers. 

I've never seen such a variety of flowers in my life. When I heard that there would be a lot of flowers, I was looking forward to it from the morning, and it was even more than that. It wasn't as easy to shoot as I thought.


BLACKPINK is one of the few K-pop groups that even cover foreign fashion magazines. What is 'fashion' to Lisa? 

Something fun! There's always something new coming out and sometimes its hard to keep up with, and I wonder what I can pull off. But I think that's ashy it's more fun. I want to know more now and forever. 

You've been dancing since you were a child. According to your childhood photos, most of them were taken with your dance team friends. 

My mom says I've been bringing microphone stand myself since I was a baby and pretending to dance while singing. My first memory is the day I first went to the dance academy. I wore skirts, and all of them were stretching out their legs and moved around excitedly. I remember that I was awkward alone.

The video clip of dance practice posted on your YouTube channel 'Lilifilm' as the main dancer of BLACKPINK is also receiving a strong response. 

For me, dancing is the body's response without thinking about anything. I like it that much, and I enjoy it that much. Whenever I hear a song, I naturally move my body without realizing it.


Even during the filming, you moved around rhythmically whenever you got a chance. 

There were a lot of good music. (Laughs) .

Did you like anything other than dancing when you were young? 
I watched a lot of Barbie animation movies. I loved the songs that princess Barbie sang in cartoons so much that I danced and sang along every day. I loved it so much that I knew all the songs in the previous series.

So you liked music after all. A lot of people said that "She has a lot of overseas fans." "She's very famous in Thailand.", when I told them I was meeting you. 
Who said it? (Laughs). There are so many people who like us, and I feel 'happy' rather than 'realizing popularity.' Last year, we started our world tour in Bangkok and also visited Thailand several times for many things. I'm happy that so many people come to see BLACKPINK every time we go. 

You're fluent in four languages, from English to Japanese. It means that wherever you go, there are a lot of things that you can basically understand. 
Not all languages are perfect. I've been talking to friends who can speak three languages recently. When I was chatting and didn't have exact words to replace, I used Thai, English, and Korean alternately. I was happy because I felt that I could express my feelings well. I thought this could be an advantage too. 
Among the stars that debuted in Korea, you have the most Instagram followers (28.2 million). I think you might feel pressured when you upload a picture. 
A little bit. Sometimes I feel like I have to post the perfect one. Instead of trying to show specific things, I'm doing SNS to share my life. I upload many pictures of cats. Cats are my happiness. Sometimes, when cat meows and acts cute, my stress disappears completely. 

What would you like to say to girls who like you and are influenced by your words? 

I have dreamed of becoming a singer since I was young. In a way, I had a huge dream. Some people says its unrealistic, and nonsense. But you can have a big dream. It doesn't matter what anyone says. If there's something you want to do, don't mind the other person's eyes, just trust yourself. It would be great if there were good results, but even if you didn't make it through, the whole process wouldn't be regretful. It's better than missing out on what it would have been like then.

It's not easy not to care about other people's eyes. How do you respond to unfavorable looks? 
I don't think everyone should love me. I care more about good stories, but I also don't completely ignore reactions that aren't. Because those responses can be advice to me about what I have missed. For example, I thought I was eating quietly, but it turned out that I was eating with a loud noise, and the person next to me told me that I was eating like that. Its a strange metaphor. (Laughs) 

That was a good analogy! Tell me five wishes in the hope that everything will come true. 
Five? People usually ask three. (laughs). Well, first of all, health. I hope the people I love are healthy. I hope I can experience new things in the future and be happy with the people I'm with now for a long time. And... I don't think I can fill up to five. 

Isn't that because you're happy now? 

I heard you're appearing as a mentor in China's Survival Program, 
QingChunYouNi Season2
I was worried at first that I would be a mentor for over only three years since toy debut. But since it's my first job, I'll try toy best to do well. I want to share what I've learned and give as much help as I can. I'm also looking forward to see what I would look like as a mentor. 

What is the advice that helped you before your debut? 
Being not alone, being with people was the biggest help. I talked a lot with the 
members who had the same dream and went through the same situation. Thanks to the members, I think I was able to move on. I still think about the feelings I had at that time. 

Because you started your trainee career in a strange country as a child, loan tell that you are really brave. Is there a time when you tried really hard? 

I worked really hard. Before our debut, we had more fun than hard times. It wasn't always stressful and hard to practice. We were good at pranks, and above all, I was happy because I was able to concentrate on what I like. I think we had a lot of fun. 

Are you still nervous even though you have been numerous big and diverse stages? 

I was very nervous before I came to the set today too. (Laughs) When I see the members, I feel energized at nervous moments. I was very nervous before going on stage at Coachella Festival, but when we said 'Let's go for it! together, I was so energized. I have no idea where that power comes from, sometimes. 

The people you're with are important. 
Yeah, teamwork is really important.

You are also called as Happy Virus in BLACKPINK. Where does that energy come from? 
We four all have bright personalities. I just like to play tricks than unnies. I want to have a fun and happy day with anyone, wherever I am. Even when Ito alone, I think 'I want to do something fun! What should I do?' all the time. 

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