Blackpink Vogue Korea March 2020 Issue

Blackpink Vogue Korea March 2020 Issue

There's a very easy way to get Blackpink to dance. Go near them and turn on music with sexy vibes. Selena Gomez, Sean Kingston, Cassie, are especially effective. You're allowed to turn the volume up to the point where it's rattling your bones. That's because whether they are posing for the camera, changing their shoes, or answering seriously about their future, you can see the Blackpink members grooving to the music. If more than two members are together, you can witness the R&B genre turn comical. This is my conclusion after watching Blackpink for 12 hours on the site of the Vogue photoshoot. Jennie agrees with this conclusion: "(my mom said) ever since I was a baby, whenever music played anywhere, I would start dancing." 

Blackpink, who seem to have been sent down from the heavens to spread their music to our 6 continents and 5 oceans, is like a pink tornado that is drawing all the music gods to South Korea. After releasing their hip-hop based debut songs "Whistle" and "Boombayah", they kept on making music such as "Playing With Fire", "As If It's Your Last", "Ddu-du Ddu-du", and "Kill This Love", which can only be described to be in a genre called "Blackpink Pop-music".

Blackpink is at a point where they stand out and have unique charms as individual artists but also harmonize and work well together as a group. They do have their own pans that they are in charge of, such as main vocal or rapper, but don't restrict themselves to these roles for every song. They show perfectly synchronized choreography, yet you can also see them enjoying their performance in their own different ways. With perfect styling, their swag music shows the exact benefits of pop. They give us vigorous energy and make our beans beat fast to the rhythm. The 5-year-old group Blackpink has become a record-setter of amazing feats. 

Blackpink themselves are surprised at their work. They were very surprised to see that their Ddu-du Ddu-du video had 1,045,989,715 views. After seeing the number, Jisoo exclaimed "wow!" while Lisa said, "that's so cool". 
While it is true that KPOP entertainment companies have a professional operating system, what gives the group Blackpink its color is obviously its members. Jisoo has an elegant and clear voice that keeps the vocals stable. Jennie has a swag that you just can't take your eyes off of. Rose, who grew up listening to folk music, has vocal skills guaranteed to stimulate your emotions. There is also Lisa, who liked dancing enough to be in a dance team when she was young. But the group Blackpink isn't just a simple sum of their talents. 

"Everyone is doing well, carrying their own weight. I don't think a specific member should do more dancing or one member does more singing," Jennie says. "When you add up all of our energy, you get the group Blackpink." Jisoo, who tried many genres when she was a trainee, says she hopes for Blackpink's color to shine, no matter what genre. "I want to show everyone that when Blackpink does something, it's different. It's fun to do stages that show our personalities, our special color." When she was given the feedback that while there may be some that have never seen Blackpink but none that have seen their stages only once, she said "If someone sees a stage of ours and says 'oh, that's cool' but sees another and says 'oh wait, this one's even better!', I think that would make me proud. I want to create performances that are entertaining enough to watch multiple in a row without skipping any of them." 

Blackpink is currently working on a comeback for this year. There isn't anything they can reveal yet, but they have devoted themselves to this comeback enough to not be distracted by anything else. "Working on our album is a time where we can all try things we have wanted to do. We paint the whole picture using ideas that we all brought to the table. We have different ideas for our individual scenes in music videos. For example, if I say, 'I watched this movie and I wanted to try a scene similar to that', we will try to film it," Jisoo says. 

For Jennie, the visual aspect is what she finds the most intense and fun. "When the song is close to being finished, we have a meeting about shooting the music video. It's then when the color of the song is finalized. We try hard so that there are no mistakes. We use our brains the most during this phase." Visual director Ji Eun (Stylist) for Vogue's many stars from G-Dragon to Blackpink, said the same. "When they are working on a music video, they think hard about the image they want to portray. I only help them convey that image into clothing. They all have a sense of responsibility about the scenes they appear in. 

Thinking about visuals naturally leads to fashion. Truth be told, fashion is a special and important factor in Blackpink's music. The clothes they are wearing isn't just high fashion for a photoshoot or personal clothing that they own. Blackpink has always chosen to wear clothes that convey the feel of their music visually. A designer said, 'fashion is a language to express yourself, and they always wear clothes that relate to their songs or themselves. These clothes inspire other people who look up to them. Blackpink's willingness and eagerness to try new things is what draws in high fashion brands. Like Jane Birkin and Hermes working together, or the collaboration between Jennifer Lopez and Versace, there are brands that work with the members. "Finding a perfect mix between my personal style and something new, to the point where everybody wants to try it out, is the most ideal, I think," Jennie, who is often invited to Chanel fashion shows, says. "I have loved fashion ever since I was young, and I'm happy to be able to work in this industry as well. It's different from the music industry, but it feels like I'm working in both worlds at the same time".

The members' opinions about styling is often a group effort. They recommend things to each other and help out. "i often advise Lisa to 'do something only you are able to do'. We have the most ideas when we talk about styling Lisa. There is a specific style that only Lisa is able to pull off. Thanks to these opinions, Lisa tries a lot of different styles, and I think that's wonderful," Jisoo, who partook in the March Dior Beauty photoshoot for Vogue said. "I'm proud to say we have such a versatile member in our group."
A while ago, Rosé found her dream dress. "I wore a dress to perform at the Coachella festival, it didn't catch on anything and helped me perform. It looked really good flowing in the wind, too. To us, clothes are very important. The fit of the clothing we wear gives us inspiration and confidence." 

Last year, Blackpink focused on their world tour. From Bangkok, Jakarta, Hongkong, to L.A., London, Paris, etc., they traveled around the entire world. Their 1 year of travels was a chance for them to grow, yet also proof. "My stamina definitely improved," Jisoo laughed. "It reminded me a lot of our rookie days. Then, we were nervous for every performance we did. But as we performed, we became more relaxed onstage and were able to enjoy it with the fans. So, I think I enjoyed it more towards the end." They sold out multiple concerts and was 291" place for top grossing tours in America. 

The Coachella Festival performance became a big opportunity for them. "I have wanted to attend Coachella for a very long time. I like the atmosphere and vibe there. We usually do a lot of planned things in planned places, but we were really free at Coachella. I had an endorphin rush! We met a lot of new friends, and also got a lot of inspiration." For Rosé, her memory of Coachella is her fondest. "When we went on stage, moments from my trainee days to more recent moments went past my eyes like a movie." Blackpink performed for 1 hour and 30 minutes in Korean. "There were probably people who didn't know us. My friend came to watch us, and she said the person next to them said 'Who is Blackpink?' but enjoyed our performance anyway. I felt proud because it felt like we were united by the performance and music," Lisa's face, remembering that moment, brightened. "It feels like when we are on stage, lines and differences disappear. The people who come to our concert are all different ages and come from different countries. Since many different kinds of people come to see us and root for us, it really felt like we became one." Jisoo too remembered Coachella clearly.

While interviewing Blackpink, the news that the movie "Parasite" won 4 academy awards was received. Last year, Blackpink themselves had broken the glass ceiling from Korea to the world. What makes the world one is not a google translator but content and the an inside it. 

Blackpink likes working as Blackpink the best. The pink-lightning and blue flower filled world made by "Vogue" was photographed by the film cameras around the members' wrists. They laughed and talked endlessly like pretty songbirds. "I like the members' different values. Jisoo especially, she keeps making jokes and goofing off," said Lisa, while smiling brighter than the flowers. "It was fun on our world tour because we were able to spend time together. Playing together as four is really fun. When we go on stage as a team of four to perform, I feel really backed up, like nothing can beat us. Like I have my trusty right arm and left arm with me. Their confidence gives me confidence too." Jisoo's satisfaction showed on her face. Like this moment at the <Vogue> site, Blackpink likes spending time together while taking photos. "We look around for famous restaurants and if one of us receives news that something is trendy, we will all go to find that place." Lisa's large eyes became even larger. 

There is a twitter account for Blackpink quotes. The answers for a standard interview are all there. What it means to chase their dreams, to do what they want. Our society deems the answers to these as old-fashioned, but it shows that Blackpink's interview answers aren't just formed out of the blue. The members are aware of the huge amount of attention the world is giving them. To someone, Blackpink may be a chance, an opportunity. "Last year, on tour, I experienced a lot of things. Things I only dreamed of became reality. It was a huge step for me. I want to show everyone that having fun and performing well is something you can do, something that is possible. I want to keep turning people's dreams into reality. I hope I can meet more people on more stages with good musk," Jennie answered clearly. "We usually tell ourselves 'don't lose confidence, since we have each other, let's live doing the things we want to do'. I think it will be nice if the fans watching us also don't lose their confidence and live their lives doing what they want. Ever since I was young, my parents told me to do what I want to do. Rather than telling me what to do, they made me choose, and I'll keep living my life choosing what I want to do." This is a phrase spoken by Jisoo, who has the benefit of being a millennial. Rosé said, "As an artist, music is first, but as a person, I wish I am able to relate and comfort others." After hearing this, Lisa said, "Recently Chaeyoung (Rosé) said since today is never coming back, to try new things and have fun, and I agreed."

Petra Collins, who flew from New York to Seoul to photograph Blackpink, looked at the girls with an independent point of view to capture their girlish essence. Blackpink said they had seen Petra Collins' pictures on social media. They commented that they liked the emotion portrayed through the photos. Emotion is actually a thing you can't explain with words. It is something you feel. When asked if she thought of herself as a girl, Jennie said "I still see myself as a girl. I still like girlish young things and don't have an urge to become an adult yet. I hope the adult phase of my life comes as late as possible." The dependent or weak girl image was nowhere to be seen at the dreamish "Vogue" photoshoot. Blackpink through Petra Collins' camera tense was free and honest. Their day was captured with photos and social media. Now, with one click, it will be shared with the world.

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