Çağatay Ulusoy HELLO! Exclusive Magazine Feburary 2020

Çağatay Ulusoy HELLO! Exclusive Magazine Feburary 2020

Three years since our interview in Monaco, this time we met in London and we are going after a different story with Çağatay Ulusoy, the star of Netflix's first original Turkish series 'Hakan Muhafiz'. Since then, he has made great strides in his life, embarking on new roads, firsts, risks, and experiences. He has reached a completely different point from where he started. We have a new Çağatay before us...
Since the unforgettable photoshoot that we carried out three years ago in Monaco following the tracks of James Bond, this time we met Çağatay Ulusoy in the streets of London. We are witnessing for the first time Çağatay challenging himself to evolve from an actor into screenwriter and film director. On the eve of the release of the third season of the first Turkish Netflix series "Hakan: Muhafiz" "The Protector", through which the digital platform opened the world to the famous actor, he is excited to share his experiences once again with HELLO! After our photoshoot, we bode Çağatay Ulusoy well for the completion of his military service and he said: "In this period of my life, I am striking different notes." We are curious to follow the successful development of an inspiring actor, who had such an auspicious start in his career. We cherish his dreams, life and soul-nourishing admiration of nature.

HELLO: This time we are in London three years after our meeting in Monaco. You were for a while in Los Angeles, and then there was the Netflix project. How were the last few years of your life?
ÇAĞATAY: "It was a very active, intense and exciting process. In addition, there were times when I was able to develop myself in different areas. We made some good starts."

HELLO: Till now, the roles you've acted in have always been very successful both in terms of rating and box office. A good script, a good director, good cast, etc... What do you think is the absolute sine qua non for success?
ÇAĞATAY: "A good script and director, and choosing the right cast are all important, yes. But in addition, I think that working hard and being passionate are the most critical factors."

HELLO: 'The Protector' was the first original Turkish production included in a global platform like Netflix, in this regard you have broken new ground. How was that first time like, what did you feel and what did you experience? How was it to step into this new world?
ÇAĞATAY: "It gave me pride and excitement, of course. I thought it would be an important step for my career, and so it happened. I entered a different world, we all did. I also frankly took a risk when I made this decision. I learned new things; met several new people worldwide and had international experiences. In the process, I think that I had the opportunity to take a different look at our own (Turkish) industry. I could compare our work to the rest of the world and saw that we are doing really good things. I had the opportunity of reaching places and people that were not available in my previous projects. The feedback and responses made me happy and proud, of course. I think that the key things here are the happiness, pride and the brand new opportunities that working with one of the world's most important digital platforms like Netflix gave me."

HELLO: If we compare television and digital platforms, what are the differences for an actor? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
ÇAĞATAY: "It is systematically advantageous in all respects. I know which day and how many hours I will work. Establishing that activity on the set shall not exceed 12 hours increases the efficiency of both the actors and the crew. One of the most important differences is to know and master the entire script (in advance). In this way, you have a clearer vision of the role that you are playing, and you can see the progress of the character and better adapt to it. We also get the opportunity to rehearse sufficiently in order to prepare for the role. Moreover, to be free from the rating pressure reduces stress. I believe that the new platforms that have entered the market are positive for the actors, as well as for all the other components of the (Film and TV) sector. I think that it is also possible to tell our stories to the whole world through many different channels."

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