Çağatay Ulusoy HELLO! Exclusive Magazine Feburary 2020

Çağatay Ulusoy HELLO! Exclusive Magazine Feburary 2020

HELLO: Hakan's character is a superhero. The last guardian who had to protect Istanbul on a secret mission. If you had a superpower in real life, what would you use it for?
ÇAĞATAY: While trying to protect Istanbul..., I guess I haven't had many opportunities to think about it.

HELLO: For ten years, we have known you as the actor Çağatay Ulusoy. From now on we will see you as a writer and director as well. How did your desire to go behind the camera come about, and how did it develop?
ÇAĞATAY: It is something that matured over time. Professional groups eventually help and support each other. If you start formulating questions such as "What does the image on the monitor mean?", then you start taking the camera and trying it out. Curiosity takes you to a different place. I always liked and wondered what it would be like to be behind the camera, to make a creative effort. In fact, I already shot a short film in Los Angeles before. It was actually somewhat introspective, experimental. I loved that experience and continued to write new stories and scripts.

HELLO: What kind of story is "Azadlık Saka" (Çağatay's own film project)? Can we get some details?
ÇAĞATAY: For the time being, I still do not want to give much detail as it is still a work in progress.

HELLO: Are you at all concerned to enter a different game, to get out of your comfort zone, to up the ante?
ÇAĞATAY: There are question marks, of course. Because this is a completely new challenge for me. But I'm not at all afraid of the "what if". Because, one way or another, I dive into the wonderful experiences that life brings my way. My fans are also living these things through me. I am trying to learn something new from every experience. I definitely believe in improving myself. Frankly, I also love taking risks in my work.

HELLO: There are many celebrities in the world that range from acting to screenwriting and directing. Which ones are your favorites in this regard?
ÇAĞATAY: In this respect, I follow no specific example or anyone in particular. There are illustrious names in different genres at different times. If I were to take an example from the past in the realm of comedy, Mel Brooks is one of the best names as an actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. But of course, I will follow my own path.

HELLO: So, does this new passion put acting on the backburner?
ÇAĞATAY: For now, there is no such thing as putting acting on the backburner. As time goes on, there will be an evolving balance between developing (new projects) and concentrating on an inspiring new script. I am currently developing something new, trying to strike different notes. We can call it active relaxation, actually.

HELLO: We loved so very much the musician character you gave life to in "Delibal" and the song you interpreted. Should we say that an actor should be able to sing and dance if necessary, what do you think?
ÇAĞATAY: First of all, thank you. I believe that an actor can do anything depending on the possibilities that are offered through a (particular) character. Or at least one should attempt to. It is necessary to make an effort in these situations.

HELLO: You play the guitar, the piano and I even heard that you compose short pieces from time to time. Aside from acting, did you ever seriously consider becoming a musician just like you you are thinking of becoming a director?
ÇAĞATAY: Yes, I do compose short pieces at home. Sometimes I imitate. Naturally for pleasure, I never thought of taking it seriously. At the moment, I don't have a career plan in that direction.

HELLO: All these various areas of interest, do they benefit or harm each other in your professional life?
ÇAĞATAY: I believe that everything feeds into everything else. The music being played on the set, the light that hits one's face while acting, they all contribute to support the scene and reinforce the emotion. The appropriate word in the script sustains the internal reaction, and at times the director intervenes. Just like in life! To portray feelings authentically, I think that one should immerse himself in every aspect of one's art.

HELLO: Çağatay Ulusoy, where there is no ongoing project you remain hidden, we do not see much of you. Do you think "my face is getting old" so that it is a kind of social life strategy, or does too much attention bother you?
ÇAĞATAY: "Neither, actually. I have never been someone who gives too much thought to such issues or plots a strategy. When my work is very intense, I cannot spare time for myself. In the absence of a project, I take time for my hobbies, I feed my soul and carry some introspection. That is all, really."

HELLO: Even on the streets of London, you had fans who recognized you and came to meet with you. But you mentioned that when you don't want (to meet them), you are good at avoiding it. Actually, is it even possible to get a handle on the complications that derive from recognition, fame, and reputation? What do the latter mean to you?
ÇAĞATAY: "I think that the control of your reputation is in your hands, but other than that you have no control. For me, this is only a situation that occurs as a result of my work. To me, this is neither meaningful nor important. I just concentrate on doing my work effectively and competently. The rest does not interest me. People's unconditional love and support are what make me the happiest. The rest is not very important. I am always aware that fame and recognition are fleeting. What matters is the quality, value, and reputation of the work we leave behind."

HELLO: If we go back to the days when you competed for Best Model in 2010, did 20-year old Çağatay have this kind of future in mind? What were your dreams then, and how far have they come true?
ÇAĞATAY: "I started with the dream of (playing) basketball, and life brought me here. While I did not intend to take it, I am now on this very rewarding path, which for me it is still ongoing. My dreams remain private for me, but I always try to continue to dream by setting new goals for myself."

HELLO: Seen from the outside, it looks as if everything in terms of your life and career is going well. Have you ever experienced a difficult struggle?
ÇAĞATAY: " Of course I did. This is life, it makes you face the unpredictable, you fight, you bury things away in your heart and - once you accept them -- you say let's go on. Life always appears one way from the outside, but ourselves and those closest to us see and know (the truth). In this life, it is not possible to achieve anything without effort, hard work or struggle!"

HELLO: Do you like biography (biopics)? Whose life would you like to interpret?
ÇAĞATAY: "Yes, I like it. I don't want to give a specific answer. Anything my soul touches is fine with me. There are also projects that we talk about, look into and work on. But for these, there is still some time."

HELLO: The Libra (zodiac sign) is known to be both well-balanced and artistic. The artist's soul sounds right. But are you a balanced person in life? Are there times when you are off-kilter? When do you lose your equilibrium?
ÇAĞATAY: "I'm generally well-balanced, yes. When I'm away from nature, I may perhaps lose my balance a bit."

HELLO: You live in a place that is far from the noise of the city of Istanbul. Is it good to be in contact with nature and animals? This is really a lifestyle choice more than an escape, isn't it?
ÇAĞATAY: "As you said, it is a lifestyle. In nature, there is a give and take balance. Knowing and feeling that I am part of it nurtures me in every aspect."

HELLO: It seems that, besides your professional life, there are also hobbies that you enjoy doing. Your fans know about sailing and fishing. Does being at sea give you an infinite sense of freedom?
ÇAĞATAY: "Everything I need to know to live, I learn from the sea and the fish. When I fish, I become a fish. The sea ebbs and flows, and at times it becomes still. It gives me wonderful tranquility and peace".

HELLO: Is it true that you love darkness?
ÇAĞATAY: "It's true, yes. I love the darkness and the peace that comes with it."

HELLO: You said that one of the most important things your family instilled in you was the love for animals. I know you have a dog. Are you one of those who can't stand seeing them on the street and tries to help?
ÇAĞATAY: "Of course, I'm trying to do as much as I can."

HELLO: In this life, who knows Çağatay Ulusoy the best? Who is inside the black box?
ÇAĞATAY: "Engin Aykanat knows me best. One could also say that I am a black box for myself."

HELLO: You live with Duygu Sarışın away from the public eye. How are you guys doing? Is there a great harmony when two actors are together, or does this arrangement become difficult from time to time?
ÇAĞATAY: "Fine. Everything is good."

HELLO: Does the outlook on love change with age? Is there a difference in this regard between old Cagatay and today's Cagatay?
ÇAĞATAY: "Of course there is. Hemingway once said that the most beautiful thing in life is to find the person who, despite knowing all your flaws, still thinks that you are great. I agree with him."

HELLO: During the photoshoot, we also met with Atalay, your brother who studies film in London. Do you have dreams of working together in the future?
ÇAĞATAY: "Who knows, maybe we have already started working (together.)"

HELLO: What is the most exciting thing going on for you right now?
ÇAĞATAY: "Let it be a surprise! Because I will share it soon."

HELLO: How will the year 2020 be for you? What does it hold for you and your fans?
ÇAĞATAY: "A new adventure. A year of new beginnings. I think that 2020 will be a year that my fans will find exciting along with me. I hope to realize the projects that we are working on, I trust that it will be an intense one.

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