Demet Özdemir InStyle Feburary 2020

Demet Özdemir InStyle Feburary 2020

Ezel's song "Felaket" is one of the most popular songs of recent times. The song's intro verse is known to everyone "How did you fit the sun in your smile?" and Demet Özdemir is a woman that possesses exactly the smile this song verse talks about. It feels like the whole place lights up when she smiles, the world turns into a bit more enjoyable place. Demet Özdemir joined the shooting in high spirits despite being tired from her set ending in morning hours just the night before. She tells how they've worked for 45 days almost with no break for the new show Doğduğun Ev  Kaderindir. Her vivacity stands firm even when she's talking about this, but an even more enthusiastic woman came out of her when the makeup and hair is done and our photographer Deniz Ozgun played music. Demet Özdemir that danced for several years, defines dancing as "The life itself, a piece of my life ever since I could remember, an enthusiastic custom, a branch of art that feeds my soul, a healing technique that cures both my body and soul."This is why she feels at home during the whole photo-shoot at the dance studio, and the music suites her, happy and hopeful!

Dancing holds an important place in your life. What does it represent for you and what did it add to your life ?
Demet: Dancing for me means freedom, a method to express feelings, a different way to remain silent, to smile, and to cry. Through dancing I learned to trust my body and feel strong. I'm glad I was introduced to Dancing, if I love my body this is all because of dancing.

Would you want to open a dance school one day?
Demet: I would really like that. Especially the thought of being with kids who have never danced before and haven't even been introduced to dancing makes me very excited. Maybe one day in the future this becomes true, why not?

Previously you had said you want to be part of drama projects, you fulfilled this wish with your new show Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, how does it differ from romantic comedies?
Demet: Their whole worlds, auras, and dynarn re i erent. The biggest difference is that Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir is a real story. But there is not much difference between the acting of drama and romcom. I don't look at work like that. It was very exciting for me to start a drama project after a long period of work in romantic comedy.

Zeynep is someone that started life with a 1-0 score. What features of the character you identify with?
Demet: The will to strive and the promises she gives to her family are actually the features we have in common. We all dream big for our families and we work to make these dreams come true.

What difference does it make as a show that started its journey from a real story?
Demet: I think it is a big responsibility, while filming scenes the fact that these events have actually been lived astonishes me but also enables me to internalize the character of Zeynep. Besides the story being real, the scenario attracted me too. The wounds and life experiences of the girl affected me a lot. She is so right to expect to be accepted with love by others. 

The show seeks an answer to whether your destiny can change, do you think a person's destiny can change? What was a turning point in life for you?
Demet: Of course out destiny changes, it is possible to change our destiny if we become aware of what we need, even if our responsibilities towards our families continue. For example I was raised in a small place. I came to Istanbul at the age of 11, my surrounding and eventually my whole life changed and this was a turning point for me. 

When shopping, what do you spend the most money in?
Demet: Mostly on shoes and bags. And also track-suits.
What's the most valuable thing in your closet?
Demet: I guess my most loved things are my leather jackets.

What do you do when you're not working?
Demet: There is no such thing as a time when I am not working. In rare times when it happens I spend time with my family and friends. I am unfortunately missing on everyone's life. That is why on free time I try to catch up with my loved ones.

How do you get along with fame?
Demet: I never got along with fame. It's just something my profession brought. I don't feed a special feeling about being a celebrity.

Do untrue news about you or mean words on social media upset you?
Demet: They obviously do upset me, who wouldn't get upset. I have a family too. Nobody is happy to read mean or untrue news. But I guess I started to get used and not see those. If we cannot efface those we have to accept and try pretending we did not see those. 

What are you hobbies and phobias?
Demet: My hobbies are listening to music and dancing. I also love walking and getting fresh mountain air. But I don't have a phobia. 

What's the last gift you received and last you gave to someone?
Demet: I got my mother a necklace, the latest. And the last gift I received were some wonderful scented candles. 

What inspires you?
Demet: Two things inspire me, silence and music. 

What was the last movie and last theatre play you watched?
Demet: I watched the play"Evlat"and the movie "Parazit". 

Do you have a quote or word that you remind self often?
Demet: Just dream"is something I repeat to myself and it always make me feel strong. There is nothing you can't achieve when you do it with a pure heart. 

What's an ideal Valentine's Day plan?
Demet: I would say a trip which I did not plan but unfolded spontaneously. Who doesn't love surprises? 

Who would you first call if you'd get in trouble?
Demet: If I'd be in difficulty I'd call my sister. 

How do you take care of yourself as someone that's always on screen?What's your workout, nutrition and beauty routine?
Demet: I take care not to neglect my skin care. I try to make time to sport, even if just a little, and I usually run. I take my makeup off before sleep and I regularly use my hair and skin care products at home. 

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