Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir Summary of the 6th episode

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir Summary of the 6th episode

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir Summary of the 6th episode 

Zeynep and Mehdi go on a new path in their relationship. Now they will take responsibility not only for themselves, but also for Kibrit. The news that a new person will join their families create a bombshell effect at home. Setting up the new order will not be as easy as they think. The officer, who comes to check the place where Kibrit will live, faces a picture that makes things more difficult. Then the torn storm gets very harsh. As for Zeynep and Mehdi, they are unaware that they walk on a thin rope with the secrets they keep from each other. When secrets are revealed, nothing will remain the same. 

B: You're surprising me didn't we recently talk and you had said 'Mehdi and I can't even be considered housemates' what changed now? Z: The inspectors will come today and we're becoming a family with Kibrit
Z: Sister Benal you know how they say one can't choose their own family, it was the total opposite for us Ba: Give her away so she'll just leave, enough with this play. You're getting involved with these suckers but I'm telling you I don't want this girl(?)
Z: I am ashamed to have you as my father, I am ashamed to be your daughter, you robbed my childhood what did you want from her. Z: Sister are you pregnant? M: Who denounced us? X; Someone named Ekrem Kaya M: You'll stay away from my family and kids
M: You won't mess with them Z: Sister Benal didn't you hear his/her heartbeat? You don't want this either B: Zeynep I need to tell you something

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