İbrahim Çelikkol a name
very much sought of the sector for years- said that star system sounds far from him. He also said, “I want to be there doing my job. I'm just an actor.”
After a short break, İbrahim Çelikkol came back to the screen starring in the series ‘Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir’

“Your destiny is the house you were born”. The actor, who is newly father, said: “Our life and our world have been completely renewed with the birth of our son. You become a family and your responsibilities are increasing.” We talked with İbrahimÇelikkol about the series, the sector and his family life.

By what you were attracted in the series ‘Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir?
İbrahim:I was attracted by the fact that it is a true story adapted from a book. The team members of the project was also very good. Besides I wanted to work with Onur Güvenatam (the producer) long time now. I find his productions successful. When I saw that I could work on the character in the script, I wanted to take part in the series.

Adaptation from a book ... Having a clear scenario in your hands is an advantage?
İbrahim: I just wanted to know the beginning of the story. If the work was a film, I would read the book. Now, I didn't read the book, because I preferred  not to know the next episodes. I stay only at the moment
in the scenes, just like in my real life.Curiosity keeps my energy high and makes me powerful.

From the first minutes when the first episode waspublished, it became one of the “Most Discussed series” in Social media in 9 countries.
Does this make you happy?
İbrahim: These are not things that make me happy or unhappy. What interests me as an actor is the quality of the job and how it will be dragged afterwards ... Of course, the fact that such things happen in the project where I take part, allows us to work more enjoyably while filming.

Are you stick on the rating?
İbrahim : Who doesn't stick on it? I look at it as soon as it is announced.
If I am satisfied with the work we do, I will be sorry, when there is bad rating.

How is working with Demet Özdemir?
İbrahim : Demet is very talented. I enjoy working with her. I had no chance to watch her in previous projects. She is a respectful and very good partner.

Where do you ascribe the lack of jeune premier in last period?
İbrahim : I think that I have no right to comment on this subject. It is something that I don't have any idea about.

What is the feeling to be a star?
İbrahim : I am not in harmony with these things. Star system sounds far from me.
I just want to be there doing my job. I am doing my job,just like a greengrocer
who is selling fruits or someone who is doing business.I'm just an actor.

Last December, you became a father of a son, Ali. Whatchanged in your life after that?
İbrahim : It consists of many beautiful feelings. There is norecipe for this.
Of course, there are changes. Our life and our world have beecompletely renewed. You become a family and your responsibilities are increasing.

Who does he look like?
İbrahim : He looks like both Mihre and me. May be granted withgood will, luck and health.

You live in nature and do high-adrenaline rafting. Have you thought to give up on these sports now that you became father?
İbrahim : Never! Let him grow up a little and I will do sports with him.
There is nothing dangerous in my life. It can be called passion for nature and fresh air breathing. It is up to you...

You are at the top lines of the list of  'Most Handsome Men' on Social media. Is your wife jealous of this situation?
İbrahim : She knows that it's part of my job. The appreciation to her husband makes my wife proud. There is no jealousy.

Do you think to take part in projects published on digital platform to save yourself  from the 160 minutes episode of the series?
İbrahim :There is tiredness, but something must be present on TV. People watch the TV series on iPad even during the holidays. The 160 minutes is a hard working system, but we cannot change it by speaking one-sided. For solving this, TV directors, producers, actors and the ministry need to come together and discuss about it. Otherwise, working under these difficult conditions will be continued.

How is the shooting of the movie 'Mest-i Aşk' ("Intoxicated by love") going?
İbrahim .: We have finished it. It describes the story of Mevlana with Sems. It is a nice project ...

In the past, you played a role in the film 'Fetih 1453'. Doyou prefer to play in historical films?
İbrahim : It is a coincidence. I prefer that, if the conditions are compliant, the production is worth it to us and will benefit our career.

The film 'Fetih 1453' made 5 million box office. Is there responsibility?
İbrahim : 'Fetih 1453' refers to the conquest of Istanbul ... First of all, the name is enough. That's why people want to know how it was filmed and told. Turkish people already love history. So it is natural for them to watch that production.

How is your relation with Social media?
İbrahim : I can't check them too much. I don't spend time there.When something's written about me, the people around me mention it.
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