Mina is really a treasure of TWICE: Short hair makes storms, long hair is cool

Mina is really a treasure of TWICE: Short hair makes storms, long hair is cool

Mina's beauty (TWICE) really is a godsend. No matter what hairstyle, she can make people crazy because she's so beautiful.

Mina is a mysterious element of TWICE This Japanese beauty is inherently quiet and is not promoted by the company as much as Tzuyu, Nayeon or Sana members, so it does not often appear in major newspapers. Still, people sometimes see Mina "stirring" social media with topics surrounding her heavenly beauty.

Recently, Mina has continued to be the focus because ... her beauty changed thanks to her hairstyle. Mina has caused storms when she has short, colorful, sexy hair, especially thanks to the moment of crying so beautiful that she is honored as a beauty "diamond tears". After transforming with long, slender hair, Mina continued to make people ecstatic with her beauty and rank. And even just tied her hair, netizens are ready to "die" because she is so beautiful, her demeanor is as luxurious as a noble lady.

Short Hair

Mina has short hair like a noble lady
Especially when attending the awards ceremony, Mina took advantage of her appearance, causing the social network to "explode" always with beautiful moments.

Long hair

Mina really reaches the peak of beauty when changing her long, curly hair. At this time, people began to call Mina the new goddess of TWICE

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