Nayeon's Full Interview for Cosmopolitan (March 2020)

Nayeon's Full Interview for Cosmopolitan (March 2020)

Q: TWICE members seem very close to each other. What do the members mean to Nayeon?
NY: To me, the members have now become 'the reason for many things'. We're holding onto one another so tightly that they have an effect on everything. Even when things are hard or when I don't want to do it, if I just think "because I'm together with the members...." then there's nothing I can't do.

Q: Is there a member who's closest to you?
NY: Momo is a friend I'm grateful for who spends the most time with me. Chaeyoung, although she's young, is a member I lean on when I'm going through a hard time. With Jeongyeon it's a relationship that's hard to explain? We've been together a long time and although we have contrasting personalities and had arguments, it's amazing that we can understand all of each other now. Jihyo and I, as expected, understand each other as much as the years we've been together. It's not awkward for me to say the 8 members are all my soulmates.

Q: As much as there are group activites, there must also be conflicts among each other?
NY: Of course there are. But these conflicts don't come from jealousy or negative feelings. Sometimes opinions might clash but because we understand each other's personalities so well, there's a lot of things we can understand and overcome. I think the 9 of us already realized that we each have to give up a little bit for the whole group to shine.

Q: This is your first interview in 2020. How has the last year of 2019 been? 
NY: I can say it was the most relaxing year since TWICE debuted. Before then it felt like I was rushing without a single day off, but last year it was relatively relaxing and there were a lot of rest days so I could breathe. The most memorable thing was of course the 2019 world tour. I met fans from places all over the world, and sometimes the cheers were so loud to the point I couldn't hear my own voice even with my in-ears on. It was amazing and touching to realize the popularity of k-pop everywhere around the world. 

Q: You'll be in your 6th year as an idol group this year. What is different now compared to 6 years ago? How do you think you'll be like 6 years in the future? 
NY: As a trainee and rookie after debut I didn't have much freedom in my thoughts, but now I think I can express myself more openly and honestly. But I feel more of a sense of responsibility, and as time passes the more I think twice when I want to say something. I'm not the type to think 'I definitely have to do this for the future' or 'I have to live like that person'. I just want to like myself and be satisfied with the present. I really like my personality of being satisfied with small things rather than setting large goals. 

Q: I'm surprised that your personality is more easy-going than I thought. I heard you're the "madnae" of your group (madnae = oldest who acts like the youngest) 
NY: I think that's because I have a personality that's excessively positive. Having a personality where I think and act in only a comfortable and good direction is both a strength and weakness. Sometimes thinking "no matter what it will be fine" seems like I have no ambition, and I'm often spontaneous so I think it's a weakness. I like having a relationship with my members where it's more like we're friends, so I don't really act as if "I'm the unnie". 

Q: What's the most stressful and hard parts when doing activities (as TWICE)? Do you have a way to overcome these? 
NY: At first I thought it was natural to receive attention and interest. I practice hard for the road I chose for myself, and debuted after difficulty. But as the attention gradually grew... it became frustrating and scary to walk having to look down. When I'm tired I tend to empty my thoughts. It's not possible to have only good things happen. There's always going to be things that don't work the way you want it to, and there's times you'll collapse from unexpected things that happen sometimes. When I have thoughts like that, I'll do things like find videos to watch on Youtube or listen to music, just constantly doing something to clear my thoughts. It's easier to get through things by not thinking too much about it. 

Q: During filming you seemed like a young girl who laughs a lot, but as you spoke during the interview I felt like you had a strong inner side. Do you tend to have a high self-esteem?
NY: I think the fact I didn't lose confidence in myself and got through difficult competitions was because of me thinking 'let's do things to the point where I won't have any regrets or disappointments when looking back. That way, I was less disappointed in myself and was able to be satisfied with my results. There's so much demanded of idols in terms of talent, but you can't be good at all of it. After debut I wanted to experience all kinds of things, but now I want to focus on what I really like and enjoy. As we do a lot of performances, singing and dancing are what's most fun for me and what I want to do well at.
Q: What are your plans for this year?
NY: I dream of waking up without setting an alarm, looking at the ocean while going on a vacation without any plans. As for other plans for the year, I want to work on a variety of cover songs. I want to break the fear of singing full songs on my own.

Q: Lastly, please greet our 'Cosmopolitan' readers.
NY: As soon as 2020 arrived, we won the Cosmopolitan Artist Award at Golden Disk Awards, I did my first overseas pictorial, and even had my first interview. It seems like such a deep connection we have. Let's meet often from now on, Cosmopolitan!

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