Netizens React To CHEN's Apology Letter

Netizens React To CHEN's Apology Letter

On February 19, EXO CHEN expresses his feelings for the first time since the announcement of pregnancy + marriage"I’m sorry for hurting you...."Read his full letter HERE.

Some Netizens rejected his apology once again, while others expressed their opinion that his letter was no more than an obligation on the part of his agency. They wrote:
  • I know why he's like that. His collaboration only just made it into the top 100 and he's also losing subscribers on YouTube. This is just the beginning, and I hope he realizes that he hasn't won all these fans because there's something special about him. It's because you are EXO CHEN. Now that you've chosen love, you have to leave everything else behind. I will redirect my affection for you to the other members so all you have to do as an effort now is to leave the band.
  • You spent more than a month going out to restaurants and shopping and now you're sorry? LOL why? To release a solo? Please leave.
  • Ajusshi, please leave the group ㅜㅜ.
  •  It was just 10 lines of excusesㅋㅋㅋ And yet not one real apology, just him saying that he “wanted to”.
  • What kind of father is an idol?
  • All he has to do is leave,what's going on with that long message?  EXO-L, find the strength.
  • When EXO's maknae has completed his military service, your child will be 5 years old...
  • Just leave the group, please ㅜㅜㅜ
  • He spent a whole month going out to eat with his fiancée, I guess reality is crashing down on him now... Are we sure his agency isn't forcing him to write this because the fanclub memberships are renewed next month ???
  • Don’t come out. If you apologize to your fans, just leave. What kind of baby daddy thinks they can be an idol still?
  • You really give me creeps. At this rate, I think you hate Suho. The news of Suho's first solo since his debut nine years ago just came out today and you're really going to ruin it with that? You even announced the pregnancy between members' birthdays and a day before the Suho music conference. You are so selfish ㅠ.
  • Eh? Why only now?I guess he feels the burn of his fan leaving him one by one...
  • It’s natural to take responsibility for a pregnant girlfriend, but all you have to take responsibility for is EXO’s image that’s been compromised and the members left behind.
  • It's too late for that. When your fans had a hard time, you went to a noodle restaurant with your wife, played all the games with your mouth shut and why are you apologizing to your fans right now ?  and this time it's not even in your own handwriting.

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