The Latest News About Can Yaman!

The Latest News About Can Yaman!

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Yaman's new look is very popular with his fans, as he cuts his hair and beard.  We learn that he's about to sign an advertising deal with a famous clothing brand. The handsome actor will also star in the new series by producer Faruk Turgut.
Can Yaman via @ilkerbilgifashion on 23.02.2020 "My faithful beloved is the black soil."
 Can Yaman returned from the army and continued where he left off!

Can Yaman
"I greeted many fans at the airport with shouts of joy" .The handsome actor, who threw the throne into the hearts of Italian women, took many pictures with his lovers. The new look of Can Yaman, which made the headlines in Italy, was also admired.
For Can Yaman safety, the public was not allowed to take part in "Live Non è la d'Urso" to avoid Coronavirus risks. So Can Yaman had a very nice conversation with Barbara d'Urso. 
Barbara d'Urso via twitter
Thank you for the affection with which you have followed us in a not easy evening! You have reached 4 million viewers with a 24% share.Even without an audience in the studio I felt your warmth from home! Proud to have informed you and to have kept you company with our talks!

Can Yaman with his biggest fan 💕💕
 “Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile”

I think that this is his best appearance with this beard and short hair ,he's so handsome and Also,his dimple 💕💕
Can Yaman via ginta with caption " Oh my cowboy where am "
Can yesterday with the famous italian singer, Ginta 🎤🇮🇹
Can left Milan today to go back to Istanbul Many fans gathered to say goodbye to him...
I think he's a wonderful person, with a big heart he left a message for an Italian fan.
 The fans have been waiting for Can at night. This is true love. 

Can yesterday before the show 

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