The Latest pictures of Can Yaman

The Latest pictures of Can Yaman

There was no doubt that the doors of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan where Can Yaman was staying would also be full of people.
Once again, Can has spent quite some time trying to have his picture taken with each person waiting for him at the hotel gates, as grateful as ever. He has also been able to see how the great Len crowd has given away chocolate, gifts, letters, etc. of beads. Without a doubt they love him very much!
Can with an italian fans in Milano 🇮🇹 he looks sexy and handsome in the same time
His hair is so beautiful and the beard is looking glorious 
he is so cute when he speak italian

We hope you enjoy your time in Italy, a country we know you love very much, and we will be waiting for more news about your appearance on the TV show on Canale 5, Italy!
The most humble of them all 💕💕
he is so sweet as he shakes hands with his fans .. he still wants to be there to take pictures.

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