The Latest pictures of Demet Özdemir

The Latest pictures of Demet Özdemir

Demet Özdemir for InStyle 2020...
"Dancing for me means freedom, a method to express feelings, a different way to remain silent, to smile, and to cry. Through dancing I learned to trust my body and feel strong. I'm glad I was introduced to Dancing, if I love my body this is all because of dancing".

Demet Özdemir with makeup artist Önder Tiryaki i love her hair omg 🔥🔥

Demet Özdemir with Alina Boz and İlayda Alişan for Pantene .

The way she stands out as a Pantene Ambassador. May she always be radiant & shining .

Beautiful Day 💋 instagram story by Demet....

LMAO it's so funny that I would so want it to have sound at the video 

20.02.2020 instagram stories by Demet and İbrahim 

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