Can Yaman clarifies his controversial statements on the libido of Selen Soyder and Demet Özdemir

Can Yaman clarifies his controversial statements on the libido of Selen Soyder and Demet Özdemir

The Turkish actor Can Yaman is one of the great media phenomena that left us in 2019, as the Turkish series in which he played has become a huge public success in Spain, Italy and Greece. His visit to these three southern European countries caused a huge influx of fans in airports to see the attractive actor up close. Because of the interest he generates, it is not surprising that everything Yaman says becomes news and controversial.

One of his most remarkable works is "Erkenci Kus: Dreamy Bird", where the popular actor brings to life Can Divit, a successful photographer who falls in love with Sanem, who brings to life the actress Demet Özdemir. The chemistry and love between the two crossed the screen and it was stated that the actors had been dating for a few months in real life. It was clear that the chemistry between the two was high, which the boy did not seem to feel with his previous colleague, Selen Soyder. 

Can Yaman said in an interview that the synergy in the fiction had not worked because "the libido in the main couple must be high" and it seems that in this case it was not in the shooting of "Hangimiz Sevmedik".

His statements raised a wave of criticism and now, months later, Can Yaman pronounced on this controversial statement in the program "2nd page" of Kanal D. "Libido is a word that has many different aspects", the actor began.

"I think they misunderstood me. I learned the lesson. The mistake is exclusive to people ... I wanted to use this word in a broader and more complete sense ... I never assumed it would branched out so much. He should have been careful," said the actor, noting that he never wanted to criticize his partner or talk about the sexual chemistry they both might have. The interpreter then went on to point out that it was all chemistry on screen, nothing more.

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