Can Yaman and Özge Gürel: everything we know about the new TV series

Can Yaman and Özge Gürel: everything we know about the new TV series

Finally a joy for the many Can Yaman fans around the world! The end of 2019 was not a particularly happy time for the handsome Turkish actor, nicknamed by fans as 'kral' ('king' in Turkish). The naivety and sincerity seen through the eyes of those with malice and wickedness in his soul led Can to be the victim of an absurd media crusade by some Turkish press. The disparaging spiral that saw the 30-year-old boy sucked in, guilty - they say - of using the term 'libido' inappropriately, has caused malaise and significant changes in his career.

If it's true the popular saying, that after the storm always comes the calm, a few days ago a beautiful ray of sun finally peeped into his life (and those of the fans) who had been waiting for this moment for months. Compared to the legend of the Arab phoenix, Can Yaman has finally risen from the ashes to dedicate body and soul to the new TV series produced by GoldFilm by the famous Turkish producer Faruk Turgut. But let's go step by step and try to make a summary of the clues left by those directly interested through their social media.

First Hint: The story about Turkish screenwriter Asli Zengin's Instagram Profile

Last Wednesday afternoon, on the profile of the Turkish screenwriter Asli Zengin, known for writing successful Turkish TV series such as Erkenci Kus, aired in June on Channel 5 (also with Can Yaman), published these two photos in her IG Stories. From that moment on, seeing Can with Asli meant only one thing: a new project together. Confirmation that those shots concealed a business appointment came from two 'details'. The first from the presence of the hashtag on the left: #BayYanlış title of the series, which in Turkish means Mr. Lie (Mr. False). The second, from a comment by director Cagri Bayrak, in which he wishes Can and Asli great success for this new work together.

Second Hint: The big comeback with Özge Gürel.

After the announcement considered official, also by the Turkish press, of the new project, a few hours ago the name of the partner who will share the set with Can Yaman was released surprisingly. The fans' joy at learning that Turkish actress Özge Gürel has been chosen as the co-star of the romantic comedy has bounced around the world, mainly for two reasons. First, it would be a second project that would see them as leading actors, after the success of the series Dolunay, which also aired in Italy last summer under the title Bitter Sweet - Ingredienti d'amore.

And in second place, because Gürel has always shown solidarity with her former colleague during the storm of recent months. Yesterday morning too, the actress did not spare herself in making statements of esteem and affection to some journalists in front of the bar, where she was having breakfast in Istanbul. Obviously, the questions could only focus on her and her return with Yaman. "I don't like the way people are lynched for a sentence. It's not my style." She concluded by saying, "This isn't the first time we've worked together. He's my friend and we'll do a great job."

Third Hint: Can Yaman version musician

And here we come to the third hint. Yesterday afternoon in concomitance with Andrea Carpinteri's live broadcast (in which also Can took part interacting with Italian fans to know how they were because of the coronavirus) appeared the picture you see above. In addition to having left millions of girls breathless because of its obvious beauty, what aroused curiosity was the new look in which he was immortalized. So far Yaman in musician version, precisely drummer, may have given a big clue about his new character that from May (except for extensions due to the coronavirus) will have to play with Gürel.

Lately, thanks to his new post military service haircut, Can during his latest public releases (as for the Live program he's not D'Urso), he's been showing off an outfit tending to rock style and perfectly in line with the hypothesis of seeing him with drumsticks in his hand playing drums. To corroborate this thesis, the comment of the screenwriter Asli Zengin, in which without writing any words, contrary to her work, she limited herself to choosing three eloquent emoticons. The keyboard for writing, one hand with a pen and the drums. Following the logic of rebuses may have said: I'm writing your character drummer version.

The words that appeared on the screenplay for the third episode of Bay Yanliş shown by the screenwriter on her Instagram profile this afternoon, revealed a small preview of the plot: Love or logic? Which would you choose if you had to? Do women live love? Or do we fall in love with the wrong men?

The messages of solidarity for Italy by Can Yaman and Özge Gürel

To conclude, in these days a message of solidarity with the Italian people has also arrived from Gürel. She was the first Turkish actress to have made known the fantastic world of Turkish TV series in our country. In the summer of 2016 she was Öykü Acar an aspiring fashion designer in the series Cherry Season - The season of the heart aired on Channel 5, together with her current boyfriend, Serkan Çayoğlu.
Yaman, on the other hand, doesn't miss a chance to show his love for Italy, frequently commenting on Master Ferzan Ozpetek's posts and dedicating several posts on Instagram and Twitter at all hours of the day and night, proving once again how much Italy is in his heart.

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