Can Yaman confesses his secret habit!

Can Yaman confesses his secret habit!

Can Yaman / instagram

It's no secret that Can Yaman has a scandalous body, but that also demands that the Turkish actor has to take good care of himself every day by eating healthy and doing his exercise routines.

We recently found out that Can has his own home gym to keep him in shape, that he's learning to speak Spanish and that he can play the drums too! So, during these days of quarantine, he has several activities to keep himself fit and take care of his body and mind.

But what we didn't know is that, like everyone else, Can Yaman has a weakness... And that's dark chocolate! The protagonist of 'Inadina Ask' has confessed in a programme from his country that, although he tries to control himself, he is unable to renounce this little vice: "I always carry it with me, I love it. I can't leave home without it.

The Turkish press has caught Can Yaman buying dark chocolate in a shop. Last summer, several paparazzi caught him coming home with two bars in his hand when rumours of a break-up with actress Demet Özdemir broke out. Was it to share it with friends or to help him get over the break-up?

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