Can Yaman defends himself against the accusations of a fan: his words

Can Yaman defends himself against the accusations of a fan: his words

Can Yaman defends himself against the accusations of a fan: his words

A few days ago a fan accused Can Yaman of hurting her arm (or a hand, it's not well understood) and kicking her out of a Turkish club.

The alleged victim explained her reasons to the police. As for Can Yaman, he defends himself with a video in bad English (but it's not him who speaks) in which he explains what happened from his point of view.

First of all, the fan in question, Cigdem Gokasan, is not a girl, as we thought, but a 52-year-old woman...

She claimed the actor beat her and forced her out of a club after he called security. 

It seems that the admirer violated Can's "personal space" by putting her hand on his shoulder and asking him to take a picture; then she would have filmed him without permission.

The star of "Bitter Sweet - Ingredients of Love" and "Erkenci Kus" reportedly entered the club "Ruby" in Ortakoy, Istanbul's Ortakoy district at 2 a.m.. Then he would have added that, since he is famous, many people wanted to make selfie with him.

"I didn't hurt anyone," he said in response to the charges. Around 3.15am the security of the club informed the plaintiff that he would have to go to the police and testify, Then he would.

He would have denied having had the accident he's accused of and even seen his accuser. She would believe that the woman wants to take advantage of him because he is famous and that she has nothing else to say about the matter. She would also deny having any charges against him. 

Can Yaman still seems to have not found peace in Turkey, after the "scandal" that has overwhelmed him in recent months. Instead abroad (Italy included) he's always hailed: we saw him a few weeks ago on "Live - Non è la D'Urso" on Canale 5, although there was no studio audience because of the Coronavirus. Also, there are more and more insistent rumors that would like him among the 15 competitors of the 15th edition of "Dancing with the Stars" by Milly Carlucci. 

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