Can Yaman explores Italian cinema between past and present

Can Yaman explores Italian cinema between past and present

In these days, in addition to being particularly active on social media, the actor has enthused Italian fans through a particular request for help. Striving to see the classic half-full glass, even in a serious situation like this we are experiencing, we could use the free time we have available, in a productive way, not only to work from home, but also to deepen and discover new passions. This purpose seems to be perfectly in line with the thought of Can Yaman, known to be hyper-active by nature. The lawyer and actor seems to be spending this quarantine alone in the house-studio located in the Bebek district of Istanbul, a place of pilgrimage in recent months by many fans from all over the world, hoping to see him live and take a selfie of memory.

Items presented in the living room of Can Yaman's house in Bebek

Thanks to the sharing of some photos on his Instagram profile, the most attentive fans have noticed that around him there are all the objects that, in a game similar to "Guess Who?" would unequivocally identify the good Can. Despite the limited space in the living room, there was no shortage of tools to train, the battery to practice for the new series, the inevitable dark chocolate with a box of Baci Perugina and, to my surprise, some books to learn Spanish.

Can Yaman has been particularly close to Italian fans, sharing moments and stories (strictly in Italian) to show that despite the distance he is always there. For the first time, the handsome Turkish actor surprised his followers, with this the tweet you can read above. The actor's army of fans obviously didn't miss a second and started to publish posters and suggestions about several movies of the past and present strictly Italian. Precise as only he knows how to be, Can wanted to specify that he has already seen Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful and almost all the films of his favorite director Ferzan Ozpetek.

How come he's interested in Italian cinema?

Closing the circle of hypotheses that would see him interested in our cinema, there are basically two reasons that predominate.
The first is linked to his being a perfectionist in everything he does. Although he knows the Italian language perfectly, he obviously wants to improve even more the pronunciation, diction and accents of some words. The second, instead, could be related to the character that in a few months he will have to play in the new Turkish TV series, a romantic comedy genre.

For those who do not know, the way Turkish actors act, both from the expressive, mime and vocal point of view, is different from the Italian one. For this reason, Can could take inspiration from the attitude of some actors in our cinema, creating a combo that would verge on perfection.

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