Can Yaman still in trouble in Turkey: here's what happened

Can Yaman still in trouble in Turkey: here's what happened

Can Yaman still in trouble in Turkey: here's what happened

More trouble for Can Yaman in Turkey. Some videos posted on YouTube inform that the beautiful actor of "Bitter Sweet - Ingredienti d'Amore" and "Erkenci Kus", which we recently saw as a guest on "Live - Non è la D'Urso" and finally about to shoot another TV series produced by Faruk Turgut, would be investigated because he kicked out of a club and beat up a fan. The girl filed a police report.

These events date back to November 22nd. A certain Cigdem Gokasan had gone to a club in the Ortakoy district of Istanbul where she met the actor.

The girl had asked Can to take a picture of him and started hugging him, violating his personal space.

He, who has always been kind to his fans (we also saw him a few days ago in Italy), didn't like it and took the girl's hand off his shoulder. The latter moved, but started filming him. Can, then, asked security to send the intrusive admirer away...

She got angry, there was an argument and the girl said to the actor: "You became famous thanks to us (audience, ed.) and now you kick us out?".

According to Cigdem Gokasan, Can would have lost his patience and hurt her arm. So she went straight to the police station, saying she'd been beaten.

The authorities conducted a lengthy preliminary investigation and found the complaint serious enough to investigate the facts after studying all available materials. The prosecutor will decide whether there should be a trial.

He pointed out that the club was supposed to record what was happening on the surveillance cameras. There were also numerous witnesses and perhaps what happened, was filmed on mobile phones, which police studied.

It seems that Can has already been convicted for spilling a tea glass on the co-star of one of his TV series. not known in Italy. Then the affair ended well, because the girl withdrew the complaint: will it end just as well this time? We sincerely hope so!

In fact, we are certain of Can's innocence, because it seems impossible to us that he could physically harm a fan

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