Kadir Dogulu - interview for Cumhuriyet Pazar 2020

Kadir Dogulu - interview for Cumhuriyet Pazar 2020

Famous actor Kadir Doğulu is our guest on Sunday, this week,magazine.
"Kadir:I work without complaints. In order to stay in the system and change the system.I recommend you to talk to my friends on the set.I'break' the routine as much as I can."

J: Are you living your childhood dream now?
K: I have radical thoughts about imaginations and dreams. No one should be a dreamer..let them go after their dreams It is not a dream for me to hope. There is no dream ..These are mind games. It is not realistic at all. There is hope, there is prayer ... People will hope.) probably hoped very well that I didn't resent it when I didn't write (heart).My perspective was like that when I was a kid. 

J:What happened when you said it didn't happen? 
K:It starts in the family. They see that he has some talent, but ... We'd write comedy sketches and do a lot of things. and it's appreciated among the family. Social economic classes sometimes force families to do other things.) am proud of myself not to be offended at a very young age, but today I understand what is what. I was in another school.

J:You mean you were an optimistic child ... 
K:I was a happy child. Perhaps I am aware that I cannot live in the system imposed on me . I was not upset about things that were not in general. They always tell me how positive you are. I'm not like that at all. Not to worry about something that is not optimistic, to realize that something that is not real. In the face of an event,a person must deal with himself. If it is broken, he must ask: 'why I am broken'?.I took care of what got in front of me.

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