The Latest pictures of Demet Özdemir

The Latest pictures of Demet Özdemir

Demet story "Naturalness is my way of life

Demet at her dentist a legit 5 year old showing us her baby teeth she ain't turning 28

Demet's new post from her story " she so cool "

Demet's new post from behind the scenes on 25.02.2020

Demet's new post from her Instagram on 25.02.2020 with caption "sun" but look at her eyes no comment 

Saadet wishing Demet happy birthday by her instagram story 💞 "It's good that you were born honey💕 Let it be your most beautiful age😘 I hugely love you .

Eylem Canpolat DEK writer
"You entered my life with all of your vivacity on a summer day. We walked a path hand in hand with your faith and energy. You trusted me sincerely and I trusted you too. You came and settled in my heart. Beautiful Demet, happy birthday glad to have you."

Sinan Demirer 
"A happy birthday to the one I'm so glad to know and has a beautiful heart."

Zeynep Kumral
So loved...let's always laugh and hug tighly. I am glad you were born my Demo.

Demet: One and only, source of energy I'm glad to have known you.


"Demoli is this the 'take a pic of me as if it's my birthday' look? Dear Demo, may we have many happy years together. May this year be a wonderful one in which succeed just like every other time with each project you've done with courage."

Bilal and Serra wishing Demet happy birthday by their instagram story


Rutkay "I can write many pages, I won't. I love you very much, may you live long, complete me, bring me good luck. Shine as bright as your heart and mind. Happy birthday the sister I chose myself."

DEK photographer wishing Demet happy birthday by their instagram 

  Hamiyet Akpınar Makeup Artist Happy birthday Princess 👸🏻

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu " happy birthday my lityle lamb"

Love from her friends wishing her happy birthday.

Demet via instagram "Thank you very much for your wishes on my birthday. We have become a big family, so I feel very lucky, a year when everyone laughs."

Demet özdemir and Ibrahim celikkol from behind the scenes of doğduğun ev kaderindir .

As you know In November 2019 she became a brand ambassador for Pantene Turkey.enjoy this photos of Demet From her photoshoot

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