The Latest pictures of Demet Özdemir

The Latest pictures of Demet Özdemir

On 27.03.2020 Rutkay shared a photo with beautiful demet özdemir in his instagram he worte :
14th day at home We said #evdekal health and peace at the door...🌸 just bees; meditation, sports, food, etc. or ...
we were lucky to have survived together.Having good friends, health, peace, your family is all you need.

They also shared photos from their day... they spent their time cooking hamburgers... 

Demet from her story 27.03.2020"I woke up full of hope 💗It will end, everything will its place , as long as we learn our lessons ... " I love this positive and beautiful heart Queen

Demet and Rutkay from their online working out 💪🏻

Throwback from her @lofficielturkiye photoshoot ...Demet from her Instagram 23.03.2020

Demet with a fan back in February She looks so natural and beautiful...

Une publication partagée par Demet Özdemir (@1demetozdemir) le

Demet from her Instagram 22.03.2020
Can liked Demet's post and he commented under it "C vitaminini giyimişşin :) =You wore vitamine C :) "because she's wearing orange as a colour"
and Demet liked his comment ...

"Instead of being at Mehdi's home, we are at our homes..."

Demet from her story 21.03.2020 "We're all staying home"

Demet from her story 20.03.2020
We are all staying at home not only to protect ourselves, but also the people around us 🏠 Especially to protect old people or those who are vulnerable in their health .

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