Will WONHO come back or not with MONSTA X?

Will WONHO come back or not with MONSTA X?

Wonho at a fanmeet in May 2016

Starship revealed that former MONSTA X member WONHO had been cleared of all marijuana charges. Many Korean fans and Internet users are probably wondering if there is any chance that he will come back with MONSTA X.
WONHO was probably one of the most popular members of the band and the band just doesn't seem to be the same without him, no matter how well they're doing right now.

Wonho at Old School Public Broadcasting in October 2016

WONHO has also recently referred to some of the difficulties he has faced in the past in giving some perspective to his behaviour as well.

He explained how his family's financial difficulties, running away from home and meeting with offenders have affected him. This did not justify his past actions, but explained how he got to where he is today.

Wonho at Old School Public Broadcasting in October 2016

However, as we all know! Korean netizens are not too understanding or flexible with celebrity mistakes and excuses, especially with idols. Many Internet users punish and harass idols for the least of things. Even though WONHO admitted his mistakes and apologized for his past, many Korean netizens refused his apology and asked Starship not to bring him back.

here are some reaction :
  • Didn't they sever ties with him? Now they're taking him back because the charges have been cleared?? LOL.
  • Starship is desperate now LOL.
  • He has so many more scandals he won't be able to come back. All you have to do is join the army.
  • Starship's trying to take back a man who ran away with money? They're testing us? Get the hell out of here, LOL. This kid's a real punk.
  • But haven't they already cancelled his contract?? You're going to sign a criminal again?
Other fans have expressed their full support for the idol.
 A Korean MONBEBE wrote:

" You promised to Wonho that you'd support him. If he wants to join the group, I ask you to consider it (the possibility). Also, I am asking you to give more tangible and clear protection."

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