Can Yaman: the similarities between the story of Hercules and the life of the Turkish actor

Can Yaman: the similarities between the story of Hercules and the life of the Turkish actor

"Hercules, little ray of sunshine."
The sweet, blonde Hercules designed by Disney although he is exactly the opposite of Can, from a physical point of view, when he was born he enlightened the life of his parents Guven and Guldem, in the same way as Zeus and Hera. A father and mother, who despite not being together for years, continue to be always present in the life of their beloved son, whether he has to go around the world ( Guven) or maybe he has to learn to dance the tango ( Guldem) for work needs.

How does one prove to be a true hero?'
At the beginning of the film, the narrator asks a question, which could be changed to 'How does a real actor/man prove himself?  What must a young boy do to enter Mount Olympus of the actors who really matter? In the cartoon, after discovering he is the son of Zeus, Can, pardon me, Hercules is determined to work hard to cross the gates of Olympus, like a true God, after being transformed into mortal, by Hades' henchmen, the god of the underworld.

"If you prove yourself a hero on earth you can become a god. But first you must find Philoctetes." Through this joke by Zeus, ideally begins the true ascent to Hercules' success.

"Training spirit and body to succeed."
Despite having starred in three series before the big hit, Can Yaman through Erkenci Kus has reached world-class levels of popularity. Without going around it, in addition to talent, the physical change witnessed through photos and videos on social media was one of the reasons that certainly contributed to this. The merit of this evolution? His instructor Umut Duygu, a friend and mentor, just as Philoctetes was for Hercules. A small clarification, the physical aspect of the personal trainer is not at all to be taken into account with the features of the satyr.

In a famous song in Hercules, there is a verse that encapsulates the true essence of Can, often overshadowed: "You can be a myth and you will be a myth because you have a big heart inside you and not just muscles". This Yaman has demonstrated this many times, even lately, by participating in a charity initiative in which he has provided for the maintenance of 50 needy families for 2 months.

Since last year with the beginning of Dolunay, Can Yaman has conquered Italy and Spain with the character of Ferit Aslan, in the same way as Hercules after defeating the Hydra, unleashed by the terrible Hades, determined to take out 'mega drum'.And here's another track that fits his story. If you want to listen to it, write on YouTube "zero to hero".

From Hercules' villa to Bebek's apartment in Can
After his Italian stay in Istanbul, convinced that he had returned to normal, in reality that unexpected bath of crowds has only changed coordinates. Thousands of girls and women from all over the world, alternated over the course of many months under Can Yaman's house in the Bebek neighbourhood and in the well known club Lucca, hoping to meet him. It was precisely this attention - perhaps too much - that unleashed the wrath of someone in Turkey.

The people of Turkey, who are known to be a particularly reserved people, did not take kindly to all the love, respect and affection of Can from the fans, thus beginning to make him an easy target for attacks and criticism.

Just like Ade, in order to make his plan to kill Hercules, because considered inconvenient and dangerous, even in Turkey some newspapers did not miss the opportunity to belittle all the work done in those months by Can. And it is here that I find a joke said by Philoctetes to Hercules in a moment of discouragement, which I imagine was expressed by someone close to Can: "You can't give up now, I'm counting on you. Listen to me kid, I've seen them all and I swear to you, I swear to Zeus, you've got one thing that nobody else has. There's nothing you can't do, boy."

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