Can Yaman, 'trending topic' for his generosity to his fans: "I've never seen anyone treat them like him"

Can Yaman, 'trending topic' for his generosity to his fans: "I've never seen anyone treat them like him"

Can Yaman fans made it. His followers have set out to turn the actor into a trending topic and have made it possible with the hashtag #CanYamanTheGreatSoul i, in which they have expressed their admiration for the protagonist of 'Inadina ask .The good treatment he has always had for all of them. "I've never seen anyone who treats his fans the way he treats us...

The hashtag has been rapidly spreading through Twitter and has become a trend in several countries. "CanYamanTheGreatSoul in Spain, Italy, Greece and Argentina and exceeded 100k comments. We're a little crazy but we're their favorite problem. Thank you for bringing us all together once again," said one of the fans on Twitter.

The Turkish actor's fans now number millions. Thanks to 'Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird', the Turkish actor's fame has shot up halfway around the world and his tour in Europe to meet all those who have made it possible has only increased his popularity. The closeness and affection that he has shown at all times to all his followers have been more than repaid and have made him one of the actors most loved by the public.

Wherever he goes, his legion of fans await him. We've seen him in Italy, Greece, France and also in Spain. The tour that the actor organised after the success of 'Erkenci Kus' confirmed that he had become a true mass idol. Hundreds of fans waited for him at Madrid airport, where he had to be escorted by the police to avoid incidents that could endanger the physical integrity of the actor or his fans. 

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