Kim Kardashian hit by her sister against a wall: her make-up sticks to the wall.

Kim Kardashian hit by her sister against a wall: her make-up sticks to the wall.

This is the new social media video of the day. In these anxious times of containment related to the COVID-19 epidemic around the world, Twitter is a place where people find fun and relaxation. And what better way to unplug your brain and have a good laugh than on reality TV?

Big fight between Kim and her sister Kourtney
Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been making headlines on American reality TV since 2007. The three protagonists, Kourtney, Khloe and especially Kim have become real stars, but also formidable businesswomen.

And if the three sisters spend a large part of their lives together and seem to get along well, an argument can very quickly break out.

Khloe cleans the wall of traces of Kim's make-up, the internet users laugh about it.
Kim and Kourtney argued and it was finally Kim who started the hostilities by slapping her sister violently.
But Kourtney didn't decide to take it lying down and fought back harder. It's a real fight that takes place in front of the cameras. And before Khloé managed to separate his two sisters, Kourtney gave a big slap to Kim who was thrown against the wall. And the most attentive people noticed that the trace of the makeup Kim was wearing remained on the same wall. The Internet users laughed a lot, especially when Khloé, after the argument, went to get a wipe to clean this same wall.
In a period of confinement, the Internet users found something to laugh about thanks to this video which is going viral and which will surely make the main interested parties laugh, they who do not hesitate to play on the buzz to increase their notoriety.

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