The Latest News About Can Yaman!

The Latest News About Can Yaman!

The actor of several successful Turkish romantic comedies, is continuing to spend the quarantine in his apartment in Bebek, respecting for his own good and other people, the order imposed by the Turkish government because of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Turkey led Interior Minister Suleyman Solyu to take precautionary measures last weekend, closing Istanbul, Ankara and other Turkish cities for 48 hours, banning the entire population from leaving their homes.

If on the one hand there are the worries about this virus that seems not to stop his mad rush, on the other hand, there are the news that the handsome actor releases on socials that manage to distract his fans.

After a few days of absolute silence, Yaman is back active on the various socials, giving different joys, in the form of shots of 110 and praise and interacting with fans on Twitter, as if he were just any friend.Below you'll find not only the latest news about him.

The star waiting to start shooting the new Bay Yanlış series, has decided to devote his time not only to Italian cinema, but also to study the Spanish language. Spain, like Italy, are the countries that more than others, do not miss an opportunity to support him in every project he is involved in. It is no coincidence that, among the last trips he made towards the end of 2019, Madrid was the city that hosted him, to take part in the program Volverte A Ver, the equivalent of C'è posta per te by Maria De Filippi at the studios of Mediaset España.

Can has always been in love with Italy, to the point of speaking Italian flawlessly, yesterday he published a story on Instagram in which he showed his progress in the study of Spanish. To tell the truth, what mainly exalted the Italian fans was the fact that the application was in Italian, showing how well they know the language.

Last night, the goal of 6 million followers on Instagram was finally officially reached. A great result for a young actor who, thanks to his humility, talent and attention towards fans all over the world, doesn't miss the opportunity to make his thoughts feel close to him, in such a difficult historical moment like the one we are going through.

Borrowing a well-known song by Sting, El tango de Roxanne, under a Twitter post in which he was asked if he liked Italian music, a fan wrote a message that aroused curiosity and surprise even in Can. The inference - which in a way has been confirmed by the actor - would concern the possibility to see him dancing the tango in the next series, since he would be taking lessons thanks to his mother Guldem. From what world is world, tango is one of the most sensual and passionate dances, connected to love, so much so that it has a special nuance known as Tangerine Tango.

If the fanciful world of socializing is wasted on jokes about gaining pounds because of the amount of free time spent in the kitchen, this speech does not touch the beautiful Can Yaman at all. Confirming these words came the contribution of his coach and historical friend Umut Duygu, (known for having participated in small cameo in the series Erkenci Kus), who posted two stories that made everyone's eyes pop, including men. In the photo on the right, you can read the training card designed specifically for Can.

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