The latest news of turkish celebrity

The latest news of turkish celebrity

Bay Yanlis
Who will co-star along side Can Yaman and Özge Gurel ?
Can's mother will be :Lale Başar
Özge's mother will be : Feri Baycu
The story will NOT BE a Romantic comedy but rather a story based around business people and class.

The preparations continue for the 3rd season of Atiye, starring BerenSaat.The new season consists of 8 episodes and their writers are: Atasay Koç, Cansu Çoban & Merih Aslan which also wrote Hakan Muhafız.

The crew, who have been filming in Cappadocia, should be on the set on April 20th if everything goes well.

During a live chat with Hazal Kaya she was asked about the best actor she worked with she answered that it was Kivanç,and that she learned a lot from him .
All those who he worked with praise him.


Zalim İstanbul makes great success in foreign countries and the producer, the owner of Avşar Film, doesn't want to end it before episode 40.Nowadays shooting is stopped because of Corona Virus ..

Cem Yılmaz There was a fire in his house.
Cem Yılmaz said it wasn't a dangerous thing, and everyone reassured that he and his girlfriend Serenay Sarikaya were okay...

New Serkan Çayoğlu via İnstagram

Salih Bademci, the successful actor of the Istanbul bride , is happy to be a father. He also shared his daughter's first pose.

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