TWICE Sana for 1st Look Magazine

TWICE Sana for 1st Look Magazine

It's your first time doing a solo pictorial and interview, isn't it? 
Sana:Yes. I've always been together with the members, so it felt a bit awkward and empty today (doing it alone). But even so, I really had fun. I've always liked to shoot pictorials so I thought about wanting to do one even on my own someday. The process of changing into clothes with different vibes and expressing a new side of you with each cut is really exciting. I felt that it's refreshing to try a unique and gorgeous concept I don't really get to try during my usual activities or on the stage. I was given many compliments and had my photos taken beautifully, so I could enjoyably take this new step on my own.

You would be giving your closing speeches at the world tour finale today had it not been for the concert being sadly cancelled due to the spread of COVID19. The members must be as upset as the fans. 
Sana: It's really such a pity. To the point where it's hard to express. TWICE World Tour 2019 Twicelights' started in May 2019 in Seoul. The Seoul concert this time was a meaningful event to wrap up the yearlong tour. When doing the concert in May last year (the first concert stop), we purposely didn't say our final greetings properly as we were anticipating for the finale. Because we were going to meet each other again in an amazing way. 

We worked hard to prepare hoping to give everyone the best time but... On the day the concert was supposed to happen, the members took pictures together and we posted them on SNS with comments saying how sorry and disappointed we were. Fortunately, fans instead consoled us saying "we'll endure it well until the next time we meet", "we'll be well while looking forward to a better time", so I was truly thankful. I truly hope for everyone to take care of their health and not get sick. 

You must be sad about the cancelled concert, but I'm sure you've gained and felt a lot of things during your 2019 world tour. 

Sana:After debut until now we've done many concerts in addition to our world tour, but I think our 2019 world tour had an especially unique meaning for us. Compared to before, we visited many more countries, met much more fans, and had amazing experiences one by one from the beginning to end. During the long tour we went through a variety of things while experiencing a variety of emotions, both us and ONCE. Because we've gone through such times, I think it's made TWICE and ONCE become stronger. Above all, we performed as 8 members and not a full group for the first time but I felt that ONCEs were cheering even louder and giving more energy in order to fill Mina's empty spot and to give her strength.

I'm sorry to make ONCEs sad and disappointed, but by now I don't think we're people who only want to see each other's smiling faces. As much as we've become close and precious to each other I believe we can exchange deeper and more sincere feelings. 

It was a huge world tour across the world. It's an amazing feat if you think about it. I think it's an important achievement that connects TWICE's past and future. 
Sana:When I debuted, it was a big dream of mine to hold a solo concert. I often shared my fantasy of holding a concert with the members. But now not only are we standing on stage in Korea, but also the US and around the world. I'm proud and also still very surprised and excited as ever. I think we're receiving a sufficiently huge amount of love now, but there's always fans who keep giving us more love, and also people who listen and enjoy our songs, so I'm happy from the bottom of my heart. With a happy heart, we'll work even harder. I want to go and meet even more fans during our next world tour. 

In no time at all, it's already been 6 since your debut. However you look at it, it hasn't been a long time but you've already achieved so much. 
Sana:Thanks to everyone we achieved 1st place, won many awards, set the best records, gained recognition through various opportunities. Honestly when I was preparing for debut I just wanted to stand on stage, I didn't think I would enjoy honors this huge. I just wanted people to enjoy our songs and 
performances, and I came all the way to this point with that in mind. At first I actually didn't know how music shows worked or what variety shows were like. In the beginning, compliments from those around me felt strange and unreal. Then I stood on a university festival stage for the first time and there were so many people giving us huge cheers. I realized for the first time, "ah, so we're receiving love". And as much as that, I felt moved and felt a sense of responsibility. 

One year, two years, even as time passes I think of the cheers from that day every now and then. No matter what amazing moment I'm in, I try not to forget the initial mindset I had at the start. 

You must have had to carry out tightly packed schedules for a fairly long time with no break. It must have been hard for everyday to be filled with work. 
Sana:I would be lying if I said there were no difficulties. Of course there were many times where it was difficult and exhausting, both physically and mentally. But even if I'm exhausted there's 8 other members who tell me to have strength and say 'eu-sha eu-sha!' (cheering sounds) so I'm able to re-energize. I often hear people saying 'TWICE members seem really tight and close", and every time I reply with sincerity "We really are!" 

We're really very close and lean on one another. No matter what hardships there are, as long as we're together I think we can make it. We're moving forward while leaning on each other and filling in for each other.

If you say 'Sane' the first thing that comes to mind is 'loveliness'. Thanks to your cute personality full of aegyo, you have a lot of nicknames. What do you think of when you hear things like that? 
Sana:To be honest at first I thought 'Me? Not at all?' Although I have a positive personality and laugh a lot, I've never once thought of myself as cute or someone full of aegyo. After debut I kept hearing these kind of compliments so now I admit it to the degree of "I guess I could be seen like that" haha. I usually have a lot of excitement and give big reactions so I suppose that's why I'm seen like that? I also have a lot of thoughts and I'm a very positive person. Everyone in my family is like that. Ever since I was young, whenever I said something with a negative nuance, my parents encouraged me to think positively. I think that kind of habit made me into a bright and strong person. I think it's good to have a lot of nicknames, since my unique characteristics can stand out in various ways. During Cheer Up promotions, the nickname "Sha Sha Sha" stuck with me and the "Sha" nickname was made. I think it became my own distinct character so I like it. 

Through your recent songs like 'Fancy' and 'Breakthrough' you showed a more sophisticated and powerful side. I wonder if this is foretelling TWICE's endless possibilities of change in the future? 
Sana:Ever since we were trainees the members have wanted to pull off a variety of concepts, everything from cute to powerful. We're very ambitious to show a new image. If TWICE has been limited to a cute and bright image up until now, then I would like to express a bit of a new confident side. We should discuss opinions among the members and with the company to continually search for a great/cool image. Personally I don't want to just stay being 'cute Sana' but I want to be loved as a Sana with an endless variety of colors. I want to be TWICE Sana who does her role more perfectly on stage. I want to keep trying to give myself more ambitions. You might feel like you're familiar with TWICE now but we still want to show you many more and challenge many more things. 

The spring flowers will be in bloom soon, I hope these spring days will be filled with fun and warm memories. How will spring of 2020 be remembered by Sana? 
It was a day where I did a pictorial shoot for a magazine by myself for the first time in my life! While looking at the pictures taken prettily today, I think I'll remember this spring preciously next year and even the year after that. I hope ONCE can also cherish today with me through '1st Look'. As well, whenever I have time this spring I'll look at pretty things, eat delicious food, and try to make sparkling memories even if it's trivial. Even if I enjoy just the things I like, a day is too short. With that in mind, after I finish this interview I'm gonna go eat dinner with the staff unnies right away. Our dinner menu is already decided. I tried some spam rice balls just now! Everyone will all have a delicious dinner as well, won't you? 


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