Burak Deniz, protagonist of 'Hayat, love without words': My only love is work.

Burak Deniz, protagonist of 'Hayat, love without words': My only love is work.

This attractive young man, born in Istanbul and playing Murat Sarsilmaz in Hayat..., feels lucky for his career in television and assures that he does not like to repeat himself.

He is 29 years old and made his debut as an actor just over eight years ago, after studying Art History at the 18 Mart University in Çanakkale. But he had already felt the bug. "In high school, at 17, I became interested and signed up for a workshop," explains the attractive Burak Deniz. It was there that his current manager discovered him and bet on him and got it right.

In 2013, his fourth work, a small role in Medcezir, captivated producers and with only two more dramas he became Hayat's main character.

What do you like about Murat?

He's a boss with a lot of personality that's hard to find on the planet and, besides, he never gives up in the fight for his love. What doesn't convince me is his haircut (laughs).

Are you more like him or young Aras from Medcezir?

They're very different. In my adolescence I was more like the latter, but today after the experience of life, I am more mature, like Murat.

What attracted you to these fictions?
I always look at the script and then analyze the character. I don't like to repeat myself.

Were they important to you?

A lot, I have beautiful memories of both of them. All the experiences I've had on screen and in my life have led me to where I am. I've done six other series and one independent film.

Do you like love stories that seem impossible?
I think all beautiful feelings have their cost. I haven't experienced any dramatic relationships and I don't expect them either. Love is the only feeling that gets deeper because of what surrounds you. Relationships go beyond body chemistry, so they have to endure this evolution in every way.

You've worked with some very popular actors. Are you guys friends?

The industry is not very big in Turkey, and we all know each other. But we don't have much time to see each other.

You're famous too...

Sometimes I see myself like this, even though I have chosen to have a simple life, with old friends and with nature as a pillar.

Has a good physique helped you in your acting career?

Of course, but I've been helped more by my desire to act, to ask my teachers, and to observe my surroundings.

Success came to you when you were young, has it changed anything in you?

I am lucky to have had few lessons and to work with great professionals. I feel the same emotion every day when I perform.

Do you dream of any role?

An iconic one, from the art world or from someone who defends rights, like Bob Dylan or Nelson Mandela.

Do you have a partner?

No, nowadays my only love is work. I live alone, accompanied by my pets.

What projects do you have?

I'll start recording Kral (King). I'm the main character, a people's hero, and I'll also make two films, an international one.

What do you wish for the future?

I want to use my career to get the world the best version of it.

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