Can Yaman : When the handsome men dance Tango and Do it with class

Can Yaman : When the handsome men dance Tango and Do it with class

Recently, in an IG Stories that appeared on Yaman's Instagram profile, two famous Hollywood actors, Brad Pitt and Zack Galifianakis were the protagonists of a very funny sketch but at the same time tremendously in line with what some "professionals" said about the Turkish lawyer and actor...

Galifianakis in the role of journalist and Brad Pitt as interviewee, asked without half measures this question:Don't you think people focus maybe too much on your looks and don't even you know realize that you're just a shitty actor? Pitt's answer, which didn't take long to arrive, was dry and immediate, like the chewing gum that spat in the interviewer's face, perfectly centering his right eye and answering: "next question?".

A strong attitude that Yaman could not adopt even in another life (but which in some cases he would have had to, I might add) showing himself to be a true lord on many occasions. For this reason, Turkey's Hercules, instead of submitting to stupid rumours, has decided to make the most of these days of confinement at home for the coronavirus, taking tango lessons in view of his new character Özgür in the romantic comedy Bay Yanliş.

In the last few days Can Yaman has not only looked even more handsome but for the first time, fans have been able to clearly see her progress in dancing after only two weeks of lessons.

To make this video even sweeter, the presence of an exceptional dancer, the sweet mother Guldem, who lent herself as a teacher and dance partner. A small parenthesis: in the film those trophies you see on the left, on the desk of the studio in Bebek, are prestigious awards that he has won in recent years, as best actor. He didn't win them at the amusement park, evidently this boy knew how to "dance" even before he put on his tango shoes...

Thinking back to a wonderful film such as Scent of a Woman, (which is paradoxically a great match, with the last series that saw Can Yaman in the lead role of Erkenci Kuş and I don't say anything else to avoid spoilers) there is a sentence pronounced by Al Pacino that I find perfect for this situation: "There's no possibility of error in tango, it's not like life, it's simpler. That's why tango is so beautiful, you make a mistake but it's never irreparable, follow dancing...".

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